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And then you will be ready to begin
the most difficult, the most powerful, 
the most fun of all. You will be ready
to fly up and know the meaning of
kindness and love.
quote from Richard Bach’s Jonathan Seagull.




Two herons fly
love and life in harmony
wisdom and purity,
Wingtip to wingtip they soar,


Thus to fly, what would we see below,
on our planet of beauty and wealth?
marred by rivers of sadness,
of people dispossessed, broken;

What blessing would it be,
so to float, in unity above;
Above strife and savagery.

The herons glide down,
gracefully land;
among the reeds by the lake.
Fishing, resting,
Meeting their tribe.

Are they simply like us?
a different embodiment,

With advanced spirituality.

© miriam ivarson


26 thoughts on “SOARINGLY

  1. A wonderfully ethereal picture of Jonathon, and another of the heron. Your words again touch on the beauty that is in the world, if only we could see it. Sadly, I think the “rivers of sadness” and the “strife and savagery” so often obscure the reality and truth of life. Keep posting these thoughts. We all need to be reminded that underneath it all is an essential truth and beauty. “Beauty is truth, truth beauty” (Keats)

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  2. Thank you for your lovely comment Peter. I will keep posting but might
    have to find something more amusing at times.:)
    Both pictures were supposed to be of herons but I loved the more dramatic one. Top picture is my own.


  3. Profound and perfect! Love your reflections Miriam as they merge simple and harsh facts so beautifully. Blessed are those birds who fly above the strife and the devastation of mother earth and humanity…it is good they can stay away and contribute to the balance of paradox we can’t escape.

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  4. Balroop, thank you for your strong and beautiful comment. You have felt the poem with me all the way through. I am honoured and feel more courage with writing.
    You say; a paradox we can’t escape. How true……even the herons had to land. 🦋💕

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    • Very beautiful imagery especial if we follow the way of the Heron.
      This poem so much reminds me of Lake Lynn in North Carolina. Days of walking the path where it seems every kind of bird possible called this lake home. Thank you for the reminder.

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  5. Thank you Jc, I am glad to hear you like my imagery between the serene flight and the troubles among men. Now, I am also joyfully aware of the greatness among man and love of all kinds.
    Glad this also remembered you about happy walks.
    May our spirits fly more often above and feel peace.


  6. Interestingly, I was just telling my creative writing students how Richard Bach came upon his Seagull story. He was in the middle of a dream, woke up quickly, and wrote it all down. A small book with a powerful message, as is your poem.

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  7. Thank you Pam, I am really thrilled to find out the background to how Richard Bach wrote this powerful book. So beautiful and spiritual. My copies of Illusions and Jonathan Seagull are well read and show it.
    In comparing my poem you honour me greatly.


  8. Wow! Miriam you have created a poem of exquisite beauty – highlighting the diactomy of the beauty of herons, soaring high above us all…away from the man made strife and turmoil. I feel as if I’m up in the air with them…reaching out to touch the tips of their wings.

    Oh yes, in their grace and serenity they appear to have reached the stage if advanced spirituality…us humans have so much to learn.

    A thoughtful, reflective poem, Miriam and one that I will return and that will stay with. By the way, the images are stunning…the bird in flight, electric with energy emitting out to the world, the calm peaceful seascape and final one in glorious technicolour! A stunning post and thank you so much for sharing with us! 😀❤️🌸

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    • Annika, a warm thank you for this magnificent review of my poem. You honour me greatly . I am so glad you can feel the strength of the seemingly simple way of the herons as they fly and meet their tribe as compared to the stressed out humans on this wonderful planet.

      Your appreciation of the images is great, ( I couldn’t do it better myself 😉).

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  9. Thank you so much Sharon for taking this poem to heart. It makes me so happy to connect. Yes, we “the pinnacle of creation” – it is said – have a lot to learn and I take you up on the challenge.

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  10. Your words have a knack of putting us humans in our place and go on to show that mother nature has far more to offer us if only we pay more attention to our surroundings.


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    • Thank you Mike for your lovely and humorous comment.
      You might be right about what I say… thing I do feel is that we humans
      often seem to put ourselves above whilst we really are part of nature.
      🍁🦋 .


  11. Thanks for your comment Jacqui, I have heard similar comments from some
    before. 🙂 That said, a child might get the drift of the deeper meaning.
    I read this book after reading “Illusions” so I knew the depth Richard Bach would lead you.
    It is funny at times how a book, a song or such encounters can alter some of our lives.


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