Reflecting …


Reflecting …

on plans we make and made
on their apparent futility,
Although they are grand
filled with perfection, created by us;

Beautiful artwork by our clever brains.
At times they work, fragile though they are.

How do we cope if one cog in this plan
Crashes and stops the perfect wheel?
Are we flexible and filled with grace.

Do we care for the failing part,
Let it mend with our help.
Scrap the carefully laid plans,
Find healing and joy?

Just not as per plan. Permit the flow
Let imagination and love create,
Be their willing tools.

So we can have our glorious Christmas,
whether illness or snow storm strike.
Snuggled together in another place,
ease off and smile;

Whilst candles light our cottage,
Convert it to a fairy tale grotto of love.

© miriam ivarson


pdf moors

R e s p l e n d e n t 

So golden, so very golden,
I wish I could share
the warm fire from heather
as the Sun shines;

Spreading light from both below and above.

Sky, heather and fields
all take part
In this resplendent show,
this otherworldly praise,

Praise to life in all.

Reflections from the sun?
or are we also deep down
suns that can shine and glow?
Can we spread light,

Can we each be someone’s sun
lift sorrow, spread hope?
How grand that would be.

© miriam ivarson

pdf troll dancing




I opened the curtains and saw
Heaven spilling out colours,
the whole paintbox seemed to flow
Painting the sky

with abundance and delight.

Have I got enough colours in my box,
Could I also have a go?
I feel intimidated by the artwork above
Still, what fun to try.

Let the brain take a backseat, be like a child
Let heart and fun flow through the hand.
Fail, no I can’t;
Colour will be there
and who is to judge.

A flock of swifts fly bypass and say,
No failures if you follow your heart,
Follow your instinct and dreams.
Banish false pride.

© miriam ivarson