What triggers your emotions so that you feel the need, the urge to create, share or write them down for yourself? To paint or sculpt? What makes any of us ache with the beauty before us or the darkness?

What makes us stop and put down in one form or other what we feel just has to be shared?

I believe it is a heart full of passion and love of life.

When I go for walks, travel, mingle with friends and family; meet new people unexpectedly, there is always some encounter that stays inside and won’t be still until I put it down on paper. 

So my dear friends, you are lucky that I keep my posts to one a week or you would be flooded with poetic impressions.

Mind you, there is always the press delete…..although I dearly hope to escape it. 

So, another such walk resulted in the poem below.


Linseed fields shimmering in blues,
next to weaving gold of wheat,
Grass and trees in deep green
Counterpoint beyond;

Like Vincent my heart misses a beat
I want to paint it all,
in thick and rich oils,

Catch the glow;

Beauty I cannot in words convey,
show you why your heart could burst;
with joy of just being alive.

Would I then like Vincent feel,
it is not good enough?
How do I tell,
Really show the wonder of life.

I comfort us both and say,
We can but try our best.

Creation can never be caught,
only sung about,
In various media and ways;

Each using the voice we got,
Creating together, a symphony.

© miriam ivarson


55 thoughts on “SYMPHONY

  1. Vincent was wrong. There is no such thing as “not good enough”. Any time a person expresses their feelings, whatever the medium, be it writing, painting, composing, or any other, it is always “good enough”.
    Express what you feel, and let creation be the judge. That is the one and only criterion.

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    • Well, thank you Peter. Sadly Vincent and many others really lacked that faith and confidence.
      Maybe humility is right – I believe so – but that does not mean we should knock our efforts.
      You are right, the creation once you feel you done your best is “good enough”.

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  2. You express your reaction to the natural world so vividly in your poem, Miriam. You ‘sing’ about ‘creation’ so movingly. I love both your choice of phrase and the images you have chosen to accompany them.

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    • Thank you Roland for your strong and positive comment.
      I love when you say I ‘sing’ about ‘creation’. A high praise for me I tell you.
      Glad you like the images, I couldn’t go far wrong with Van Gogh’s paintings:),

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  3. … Each using the voice we got,
    Creating together, a symphony …

    Lovely that.
    When we’re touched we pray, each in our own way – which reminds me of a Rumi quote …

    “Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.”
    ― Jalaluddin Rumi

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  4. Miriam, this is a joy of a post!😀 Once inspired to be creative I always write but there are so many wonderful ways to express one’s feelings when the creative emotions are triggered. I love how yours goes to poetry and aren’t we the lucky ones being able to read the poems you share here (and no, I’m not hitting delete and please post away!)

    Symphony (wonderful title!) travels beautifully through the arts, everyone’s doubts including Van Gogh’s well-documented sense of failure in capturing the stunning landscape around…like him, we can but try our best and like your final perfect lines say:

    ‘Each using the voice we got,
    Creating together, a symphony.’

    A gem of a post…well done, Miriam! ❤️

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  5. Thank you Annika for this comment so infused with warmth and joy.
    Am I surprised that your creative way is writing?😊 . I have noticed as I happen to follow your blog and it’s superb content.
    Now, what about creating a garden? I think that should count too…..

    I love the way you quoted my last two lines, it is a deep belief of mine that we can. Bless you.


    • Thank you Julie and as for sharing it is my joy. Sharing with each other brings a healing environment and I strongly feel we do here.
      Just listen to what you take in during a walk, how many sparks of recognition doesn’t that light in our eyes.
      Enjoy your end of the week too and keep taking these walks:)

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    • Thank you Maverick. The Vincent connection came when I stood and looked at these fields bathing in the sun. Reminded me of his paintings from Arles and I felt tears for his anguish.
      🦋 miriam

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  6. Some symphonies carve themselves…that is the beauty of creative minds and your creations seem to emerge spontaneously Miriam! The music is reverberating around me with the glowing beauty emitted by your words, in harmony with nature. Brilliant! 🙂

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    • Balroop, you are definitely one of a kind. I have no idea how to aptly answer a review like this. It is like a beautiful song that leaves a glow long after one heard it.
      Harmony with nature I believe is most important. I see nature as the teacher of creation; if we can’t respond to it we haven’t yet opened our hearts.
      Thank you !

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  7. Miriam, I often think of Vincent in his assumed madness whenever I look deeply into nature at the hour of dawn. I think Vincent did hear and know, the music of the symphony comes from each of us. And nothing brings that to form than your beautiful poem of which Vincent would have been proud.

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  8. Thank you for your deeply felt response JC, I can tell you also love Vincent and feel for his anguish. He so wanted people to see beauty in all. Nature, a simple chair…….
    Like many I have a tender spot for him and some of his contempories. They so wanted to share and yes; feel that we all partook in the Symphony of creation.


  9. Nice poetry Miriam and passion will always find a way to express itself. I think Van Gogh’s references to not being good enough were linked to an artists desire for perfection. Sometimes what comes out as a painting, song, poem can seem inferior to the feelings we experience about something.

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    • Thank you Davy D, your comment is deeply considered and I totally agree with your sensitive last sentence. From all the letters to his brother, Van Gogh expresses his desire to do better – to show people the wonder he saw.

      This is in a our own way what. We do and I do know it is inferior to what I really feel but for now this is where I am.

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  10. Miriam, I think many creative people doubt their skills but that doesn’t mean their accomplishments are any the less. Your poem is beautifully rendered, capturing the feeling that we artists, of any art form, can only mimic creation but not equal it. Sometimes I think we can.

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  11. Thank you Sharon and how right you are. I have long wondered whether
    this hesitation and wonder if we are good enough is not to be preferred to
    becoming overconfident and so lose some of the ability to critique oneself.

    We can but try to mimic and failing that, we can bring highlight to life and creations.🌻🦋 thanks for the follow.

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  12. If we’re created in the image of god it only makes sense that we too would have the urge to create and build worlds. I think our yearning comes from seeing that, however wonderful our human creations are, they pale in comparison to the mysteries of the universe and even those mysteries only god understands about us.

    I loved this poem.

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  13. Adrienne, I am thrilled to hear that you love the poem,
    You have an interesting angle in your response and yes, l agree;
    our efforts pale in comparison with creation as a whole. Yet we hope
    to reach out with whatever we can and hopefully reach someone’s heart
    and thus awaken what might be dormant.


  14. I enjoyed this poem and especially loved the Van Gogh reference. The more I study his work and think about his unique circumstances, I’m not quite sure if he felt imperfection….just a passion to paint whatever he saw. Even if the rest of us could not see the same images. The thing was, his genius and perception of the world was so far beyond the average person, that most of his contemporaries couldn’t visualize what he could. I read a science article a while back about the movement of the universe and compared it to his paintings. Think of Stary night. Scientists said he captured the molecular swirls that can only be seen with a telescope. But ironically, he got it right. He saw what others could not. Perhaps his frustration was with people and not himself. The world it appears just wasn’t sophisticated enough to comprehend his artistic vision when he painted. Imagine what was in his head as he looked around. Much like Motzart as a child hearing music in every step he took, or Beethoven creating symphonies in a thunder storm and hearing musical joy long after his hearing had left him. There are symphonies all around us,in every blade of grass, in the taste of rain water, in the laughter of children. How lucky you are to hear the rhythm and to be able to put it on canvas or paper using your magic wand of a pen or a brush.

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  15. Lesley, I am so glad this post and poem touched you and made you remember so many of the great artists within various forms of art – music being a big one.
    As to Van Gogh, yes I am sure his passion and desire to have people see what he saw made him inpatient at times but his own words show a very humble side as well. He was as it is said “driven” . As are most people who achieve greatness in this world.
    And I couldn’t agree with you more about the whispering of grasses and the various instruments from the trees….not forgetting the music from the ocean.😊🌈 .

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  16. Thank you so much for your beautiful words, they bring happy tears to
    my eyes. Yes, may we all keep painting with colours and words and fill
    our lives with passion and love.
    Even the days the going is tough.😊



  17. Erudite and eloquent, Art inspired by Art, I too am inspired to write by paintings, There is a saying that Davy gifted to us in his poetic motivations series that said something along the lines of ‘Only the poet can truly describe the world to the blind’. This piece Miriam, could describe the painting, the scene and the artist to those without sight. Lovely, thank you.

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  18. Thank you Nigel for this so very beautiful comment. I am delighted to see that Art inspires you too. Music does this to me too…..
    Davy’s saying is awesome. If this were true we are the luckiest people as
    it would be such an honour to help someone blind see.


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