It is a long way from a little island in North Sea to the British shores but I did it albeit in a circuitous route.

Much will be revealed as I go along.

I tried my hand at many things but the Arts have always been my love. From tender years books were never far from my side.

Even my den among the rocks had a bookshelf fashioned by my friend and me.

Welcome to my eclectic blog, I hope to see you around.



87 thoughts on “About

  1. I found your blog this morning, while reading another. I’m looking forward to reading your writing. You had me at eclectic – this is my style as well. I write as the thoughts occur. I try to have a general theme – but I find that I write with more ease if I just let go. Suz!

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    • Welcome to mywindow Suz, I am very glad that you found me and hope
      there will be something to make you smile and/ or inspire.
      Eclectic is a good word to cover many aspects and I must admit that from week to week I am not sure what is going to appear. 😊. Unnerving and


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  2. A warm welcome Marlene, it is lovely to see you here.
    It is amazing what literature can do, teach, entertain, take you travelling,
    just relax…and so much more to add.



  3. Great About Stmt, Miriam! Just discovered I had a wonderful comment from you on my “Sometimes There Is No Forever” that I sadly missed. Tried to reply but was blocked so I wanted You to read my response as I loved your comment!! Please forgive me??

    Dear Miriam, so loved your wonderful comment on this poem!!! I think you should put your beautiful words and truth into a poem by You!! You have a great title – To Love The Now!!

    Very sorry I missed responding to this back when you sent it! Please forgive me?

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  4. First of all Chuck, you are forgiven. 😊. Your comment here is so positive
    and happy that it makes me want to write more ” disappearing ” comments.
    Seriously though, I will try and find it.

    You are right about the title … I have made a note of it. Thanks for pointing it out.

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    • Oh, thank you so much for your grace! You are too funny, My Dear – “More disappearing comments”! What a crack up! I was very thrilled to find your comment and the beautiful words you left – including your soon to be new poem – TO LOVE THE NOW!

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  5. Hello from me from Brisbane Australia. Thank You for coming to My Blog and Liking my post and liking my Blog too. I am also a a lover of reading and books. Music and reading has gone hand in hand from my very small days. So glad to have come across You Miriam and Your Blog. Wish You A Very Happy New Year. Sending Many Blessings for Good Health, Prosperity and Happiness ❤ 🙂 ❤

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    • It is a pleasure seeing you here, Deepa, and you are warmly welcomed.
      Music and literature you mention and I share this love with you – along with
      arts of other forms.
      Wishing you happiness and blessings for the New Year. 💕🌈


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