Note in the Bottle


Four and a half months now I have had the great pleasure of reaching out to you, dreamers and writers from all continents. To feel the honour of hearing your laughter, sorrow, wisdom and just pure beauty. Thank you for making me so welcome, it means more than you know.

From start I felt uncertain and hesitant. Felt small. I soon learnt that a feeling like that is o.k. and many might have shared the same. What have I of interest to say, we ask.

I now feel the responsibility of giving something that might touch your souls and minds. One thing I promised myself was to write from the heart. The warmth and friendship I have met has buoyed me and given many smiles and tought me much. Thank You! to each and everyone.

Did you ever as young dream of sending a message in a bottle and throw into the sea? I did often and in the end sent two. I dreamt of answers from far away lands, wanted to connect. I am afraid none came and my disappointment was great. 

So, today I give you a poem that came to me when I remembered this dream and somehow via the blog I finally found these answers.


 Note in the Bottle                                  

Is that all it is?
My scribbled attempts
to convey my thoughts.
If so, I hope the currents,
will bring it to your shores,

That you will read,
feel the bonds that tie man,
tie all living things
in a pulsating whole.
We are not alone,
only lonely at times.

Or is it just solitude?

We share same longings,
same dreams;
For vibrancy, love and truth.
Simply sit by a stream, in a glade,
Hear the fullness of nature’s sounds.

It is not the yachts,
the luxury goods;
not even champagne 
in a limousine,
That will make your soul sing.

How insignificant  we may seem,
and yet;
Without each and everyone
there wouldn’t be a Whole.

© miriam ivarson

sea : letter

50 thoughts on “Note in the Bottle

  1. Miriam, I bless the currents that brought this message to me…with its beautiful poem of the unity of us all. I think at times it is solitude, other moments of deep loneliness, but throughout part of a whole.

    Oh, Miriam, I think most of us felt that small, unsure at the beginning, constantly questioning what we are doing. Within a short space of time you have with confidence and self-assurance made an impact many of us here on WP with your thoughtful, at times spiritual poems. Thank you!

    As for your message in a bottle, I have a feeling that like you words here, they travelled far and were read with joy and excitement! 😀❤️

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    • Annika, thank you for your wonderful comment that seems to take the whole long post in.
      As to feeling small and unsure it might not be totally wrong either. It keeps us humble and willing to think deeper of what we say.
      As to the message in my bottles; do you think there could have been a language problem. After all, I didn’t speak English then.😊💕 .

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    • Bernadette, you make me proud and happy that the message came through. How true that the most important is that we talk to each other – citizens of this planet. 🌻 .


  2. “We are not alone; only lonely at times” What an inspiring and comforting thought. Thank you.

    Your bottles may still be at sea, waiting to give happiness to someone. Or they may already have done so. A thought to dwell on.

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    • Thank you Peter for your lovely comment. If my words inspired and comforted I am so very glad.
      Funnily, after writing this blog I did see this seven year old girl with such hopes to reach someone. I did include the address……😊🦋 .


    • Radhika, how wonderful that you dream the same. If I connected to your soul
      my goal for sending that bottle is reached. 💕🌼
      Virtual world will do fine, I am also glad to have met you.

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  3. What a stirring and heartfelt poem Miriam. I believe we’ve all felt that uncertainty at the start of our journey but how comforting to realise we’re not alone. Hugs and blessings xo

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    • Thank you so much Miriam. Yes, you are right, I also believe we all feel a bit shy and uncertain. I also know I always will but told myself to get over it. 😊 .
      It works at times……
      Hugs and blessing right back to you ” Down under”

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    • Thank you Jacqui for your positive answer. I love it.
      Might be I even was a romantic at 7/8 . Hopeful and excited I remember.😊.
      I waited for the postman every day for months……..
      Now, via the net I found them. 💕🌈.


  4. Miriam,
    As I read your beautiful poem today, my thoughts drifted toward some of your other poems and the words that run through them as you conjure refreshed meanings of light and love and new ways of saying ideas that are with us through the ages but new all the same.

    I also find delight in your opening preamble describing your thoughts and ideas that were nurtured and grew to the poem you finally elected for this post. So please keep sending these gems at the core of life.,, jc

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    • Thank you for your wonderful answer Jeff. I love what you say : “as you conjure refreshed meanings of light and love ….”, .
      I am also so glad you liked the pre-amble as this was so closely connected and one led to the other.
      You might regret asking me to send more of what you beautifully call ” gems from core of life” ……😊🦉.

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  5. Miriam, just within four and a half months you have gathered so much of love! Doesn’t it show how talented you are? Your poetry actually emanates from the deepest crevices of your heart…sending beautiful messages on the wings of words.
    I had read a novel, which mentioned a message in a bottle and it actually reaches somebody! Don’t remember the whole story but it was a good and romantic novel.
    Thanks for converting your dream into a lovely poem. Stay blessed!

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  6. Balroop, I am speechless reading this fantstic and uplifting comment.
    You write it as the true poet you are. You also fly on the wings of word…what an expression. I am convinced this is what we should all strive for.

    There must be many ‘crevices’ in the brain to hold memories seemingly so small but I guess important. Yes, it might become a good romance – depending who answers.😊💕⭐️ .


  7. Andrea, this is such a lovely response. 😊. See, it is never wrong to reach out and hope. I went to re-read your About page as I wanted to know more about my new pen pal. 🦋💕 .


  8. What a wonderful poem, Miriam! I love how it captures what I think we all think and feel as writers reaching out to the world. And I didn’t realize you’ve only been in the blog-o-sphere for 4 and a half months–it seems that you’ve been here far longer. You are doing well, my friend!

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  9. Thank you so much Julie for the compliment. One more smile this sunny day.
    As to your feeling I have been around blogging longer I do admit to having a Gravatar only and ” gate crashing” sort of.
    Until I took courage to join in. 😊🦋 .


  10. Hi Brigitte and thanks for your comment.
    So your teacher got your mail. I am sure she or he loved them.
    To have spoken to your heart sounds wonderful.
    p.s. I haven’t forgotten that cabin 🦋😊 .


  11. Beautiful words, Miriam, mirroring so well those words of John Donne – that ” no man is an island entire of itself”. We all need each other and the exchanges with you on my own blog I have so greatly appreciated. I have tried several times to subscribe to your own blog, but, for some reason I cannot. I get the response “Your subscription did not succeed, please try again with a valid email address.” I am still trying to discover why that is and how to alter it.

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  12. Hi Roland and I am glad seeing you here. Didn’t realise you had any problems with my blog. I don’t understand but will ask someone who knows these things better than me. I wouldn’t like to lose your valued comments.😊

    Funny that you should mention the words by John Donne. First time I heard it was when I lived in West Yorkshire – not far from your home. It made an impression on me as it does now.
    No, we do need each other, very few are happy as hermits.🦋😊🌻.



  13. We do such ordinary things – shop for groceries, attend school, stand in lines – and then there are the few that do something courageous- like slip a note into a bottle and hope it will return. I takes a brave heart to believe someone will respond. Blogging is a bit like tossing a note into the sea – here we are, reading and replying because of the emotions you’ve woken in us.

    “We are not alone, only lonely at times” – my favorite line. Because it’s so very true.

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  14. Dear Sharon, to be quoted by a fellow scribbler and blogger friend makes me tear eyed with joy. You are right, we do all toss notes in the sea -or air – and feel the delight every time someone picks it up and understand the note.
    You are so very sweet calling it a brave heart; maybe we all have that if we dare follow. Thank you. 🦋🌼 .

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  15. A message in a bottle. I feel that is a metaphor for when we may be unsure, feel lost, in despair or simply at a time when we feel in need of direction. Put a message in a bottle and hope that a message is returned which guides us on the right path. You of course put it much more eloquently.


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    • Mike, your metaphor here is very deep and could become a poem in its own right. I am afraid I was too young to think like this even though there might have been a longing of direction.
      I did know though there was a big world out there with people from other lands and somehow I wanted to find them.😊 .
      Have you ever tried throwing a bottle in the sea, river….?
      Thank you for comment / miriam

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      • I must admit I did throw a bottle in a river a long time ago, purely because there was no beer left in it. To date it hasn’t returned to me!

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