This morning, dear friends, I will post you a poem about love.
Before doing so I was going for a walk and it came to me that 
Love in all its forms must be the subject most written about.
The subject causing most pain and elation.

In every art form it has been written, painted, sculpted and sang about.
Listening to songs today by the very young I was struck by how
similar the lyrics are from those so long ago. 
Lyrics about break-ups – not being able to survive them. About 
the shining stars in each others eyes when love rises high and 
you can all help me fill in the rest. 

I do therefore surmise that love is the biggest force and may we tend
it with the care and respect it deserves.



Love between humans can be,
elations and emotions run high
Tainted by ownership; you are mine.
Bonds that tie the souls down,
To me you belong.

We give our hearts in trust,
To keep in tenderness,
in infinite care;
How then to avoid the trap, you are mine?
You cannot own her, nor she you.

Only unbound can you dance together
free as the wind,
Forever wanting to live
in each other’s hearts. 
A nourishing, fulfilling love.

When we meet first time, a seismic force
inexplicably draw us together;
Your eyes meet and so do your hands,
as you dance, feeling
you always belonged. 

Walking along lakes, canals, in parks
Feelings of belonging just grow.
Surety, calmness; we belong
Always did.

Resting in each other’s arms, listening;
realizing Mozart never did sound
powerful, ethereal like this.
Feelings of utter peace, 
As if life and death are the same.

As long as we stay in each other’s hearts.

© miriam ivarson

39 thoughts on “ILLUSORY

  1. A thought provoking weekend treat Miriam, your words spark many ideas. The hardest thing is to be able to separate lust from love, and conversely be able to know the difference between deep friendship (little love) and love proper. Lastly, to be able to still feel love when the travails of life have reduced a relationship to the point of habit. Perhaps it is these complexities that provide such rich fruit to the poet. That and the heightened emotions of love which are easier to access. I shall be in my Poet Pit Miriam, I can see a glint of light as a door named sonnet is opening !

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    • Thank you Nigel for your deep and thoughtful response. I will be looking forward to your Sonnet. Beautiful format.
      As to love and lust, in an early stage of infatuation I can agree that there is a mega mix up as physical domineers the deeper inner feelings.

      Be it in true friendship or a relationship I still believe in the importance of not tying each other down. Let each grow and become the unique beings we are.
      Dance together but not in each other’s shadow ( Khalil Gibran ).
      To trust either your partner or your friend so much that your heart feels safe and cared for and that you reciprocate.

      Then we have of course a totally unconditional love, that of our children.
      at least that is the normal way.

      As the song goes ” without love I am nothing at all…..” 🦋😊

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  2. A beautiful poem, Miriam, and so true. A couple cannot “own” one another. Each has to want to belong to the union. From freedom comes unity and harmony. As for the music; that young Mozart chap shows some promise, doesn’t he?

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    • Thank you for your beautiful comment Peter. I am glad you understood so clearly what I am saying. As to young Mozart, yes, he shows promise.:))
      I love this clarinet concerto very much, it is so tender and intelligent at the same time.


  3. Miriam, it is amazing how you have touched upon so many aspects of love in one poem…emotional, trustworthy, binding as well as blinding, possessive but free! I wonder how many are blessed with such a love, which begins with just infatuation and slowly matures into the finest emotion. Love is an illusion, which slowly changes if it is watered consistently with affection, care, respect and kindness. An excerpt from one of my posts on love:
    Love is the journey of lifetime across the rough sea, weathering all the storms on a surfing board. You may not be able to hold each other’s hand when the tide is high but you know that somebody is around to take care!

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    • Thank you for your lovely comment Balroop. I didn’t think of there being many aspects of love in the poem. Maybe love simply is like that, or do I look for an ultimate that doesn’t exist. I believe it is real and such love exists but not so commonly. Perhaps we don’t water and tend the precious plant enough.
      Thank you also for adding your thoughts on the matter. Personally I would take a boat on that rough sea. 😊 .

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  4. Miriam, wow! 😀 A wonderful moving tribute to Love in all its facets. Your introduction reads as poetry itself and I too have wondered where the arts would be without Love? An emotional that becomes integral in all we do, all-encompassing, life-giving, blinding us to all else, supporting us through the hardest challenges of life. It is indeed ‘a seismic force’ yet, as you say, has to be treasured, respected and never owned. A memorable and precious poem, Miriam … and thank you so for linking to the Mozart piece – pure magic and I’ve listened to it many times now. hugs xxxxxx

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  5. Wow back to you Annika and thanks. Thanks for taking your time and absorb my words in a busy day. That is precious and in itself a form of love.
    You talk so beautifully about how love is an emotion / power integral in all we do – or should be. Without it whatever we create might be clever but cold.
    You have described this so eloquently in your response and as I follow your writing I know you speak from experience.
    So to love on this Mother’s Day and all days

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    • Thank you Brian and I want to say how I agree with you. Love have many forms and I think it is the life that makes existence come alive.
      Yes indeed, a mother’s love. Such a strong influence in our life.


  6. So beautiful, Miriam. “As if life and death are the same.” I recall a line from the TV series, Kung-Fu: “Life is to death as waking is to sleep.” Love indeed is the biggest force. The Mozart concerto nicely accentuates the theme of this post ❤

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  7. This was a treat to start the week Miriam. Listening to the music and reading your beautiful poem went hand in hand. The quote you posted from Khalil Gibran is so true and brings to mind the destructive part of love where it turns into obsession. Your last line suggests the true essence of love. (Ps I finished your challenge about the three shoes and dark alley and will post it tomorrow.)

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    • Thank you Davy for your wonderful response. I am glad you also appreciate Khalil Gibran’s words. I find them beautiful and calm – without fanfare he says the most nourishing words. Love turned to obsession is no longer love….

      Davy, I can’t believe you really took up my challenge. Wow, thank you and I do so look forward to it.

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  8. Love is, as you say, the most discussed subject in the arts. I find it interesting that though there are many facets of “nourishing, fulfilling” love, the one most examined in music and literature is romantic love.

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    • Thank you for your visit and comment. You are probably right what concerns love. I do know that unconditional love also has a big share. Mother/child or father / child. We also have the humanitarian love that is written about in poetry and prose.
      It might be the first consuming passion of romantic love that makes it the most sung about.

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  9. Hello Miriam: glad to have come across your blog. Loved the poem. It’s true that we shift from being soulful to “a kind of material” that has no heart beating for it. I always wonder what it is that causes this shift. “Only unbound can you dance together free as the wind” is true, and there’s no other way around it. It’s a foregone conclusion that “love” will have numerous obstacles, but how two people choose to tackle them might define their soulful or soulless journey. A true connect with our own selves is perhaps the first step. Thanks for the post.

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    • Thank you Mahesh and I am glad you found my site. Your comment is very interesting and I feel you see an important part of the answer in the
      fact that we need to connect with our inner self. Often ego rules and stop the
      true love to reside. This causes conflict as each party in a relationship or group want to domineer.
      I am so glad you liked the lines ” unbound we dance together, free as the wind”

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