I lit a candle this morning
so steady and calm it burnt,
erasing spinning thoughts.
I smiled my thanks.

Outside the lawn was proud
after the first cut of the year.
I smiled too at the early signs of spring;
Waking flowers and trees.

From slumber and hibernation.

As a little candle could do so much
what could we do?
If with a smile lit our faces
as we go about our days, and say hello

c/ miriam ivarson



Mysterious mist
greeted me this morning,
so fine, like sheer tulle.
Made me wonder what it hid.

As sun slowly and majestically rose
The woodland was revealed,
Tree by tree they appeared.

The mist giving in to the sun
seemingly reluctant but succumbed.
Two doves watched me standing there
smiling at my awe.

Before mist gave in, it was coloured
in the most incredible hues
So much beauty if we just look.

© miriam ivarson



When I was awake this night
at one, two or so
The room was lit like day,
It shouldn’t be, at
One, two or three or so.

Hesitant I walked to another room
opened the curtains and saw;
A blindingly shining moon.
Haven’t seen it like that before.

Its light gave me a feeling that
my house and street were singled out
By the Spotlight from above;
Never seen the moon so strong.

Did it twist just a tad
as to reflect more light from the sun.

Was the spotlight there so we can see,
See where we are heading on our planet.
Make us step with awareness and care.

c/ miriam ivarson



I rest in the arms of all memories we share,
Of laughter, joy and tears at times.
They bound us from childhood with trust;
With the knowledge of care.

“ You saw me “. This beautiful, written note
to his loved great grandfather when he passed,
from a young grandson who grieved.
Grieved his hero and friend.

Can it ever be greater than that,
To love and see deeply the soul inside.

c/ miriam ivarson



I feel pain, my tears fall
as pictures show the terror and angst,
of children, women and men
Bleeding, terrified, confused.

Their pain is indescribable and all this
Because of one mad and power hungry man.
How do these murderers get so far?

How did they get so many to obey,
Answer us now, why and how.

Did they follow this bully turned killer?
From the schoolyard and on,
are they so scared that a NO

might make them victims too?

Sun is shining this morning and I watch
people walking their dogs, children go to school.

It isn’t so difficult to live in peace
So Why?

© miriam ivarson



As I sit there on a rock
on the highest top.
Of a little island

surrounded by beauty of the sea

Looking round with a joy that hurts
I see the sea – surrounding me, hear whispers
From the wind talking to the sea and
from glistening rocks, smiling.

Seagulls and terns sail and swoop
with grace and joy, being their pure selves.
Me, I am transfixed to be, just now

part of this peace,
that fills my heart.

Lifting my arms to the sky, I speak
words I never known before
They seem to fill me – like the wind
that lifts the gull.

Scents of heathers drifting down,
Down the rocks
Filling every crevice, filling me.

© miriam ivarson

Let It Pour

Let it pour

They tell me, just write
wonder whether prose would be best,
How can a poem suffice, and yet

I am looking at a sky that shifts and delights
It can’t be captured with a click.
The colours transform and so do the shapes,
All ethereal but never the same.

And how can you portray the swifts flying
with such speed and delight,
Forwards and up and down.
Singly or in almost a murmur.

Suddenly the sun painted a few clouds
in delicate golds and purple,
I bet when I look up, they will change again.

I forgot to tell you about the winter trees
Stretching their dark branches high,
against the backdrop of eggshell and pink.

Would it be that we need to look more,
to drink it all in

to find joy, to find us.
Then let it pour out.

© miriam ivarson

Duty and Love

Duty and Love

Living a life of duty
with the one you profess to love,
Leaves a life without glory for both.

Love can never be faked
nor replaced with another coin;
Love fills all, creates.

Duty can protect, can repair walls
Love dances free, without a fence.

Duty can build castles and shelters,
also prison for spirit and soul.
Love can set us free.

It takes courage to follow love,
its breathtaking dance and trails.
Creating with truth and warmth.

© miriam ivarson



Do we walk alone or in threes and fours
Seeking ourselves within friends?

Do we seek a soulmate to hold
and to be held. Keep the heart safe;
Although feeling it might brea

Do we seek validation among the many,
Do we seek and give, love and care.

I heard the story about a man

He walked for forty years in solitude,
a hermit in the vastness of mountains and lakes
in different countries, yet all the same,
freedom and truth from the greatness arou

I would like to meet this man, hear his thoughts,
Did he find wholeness and peace?
Among mountains, lochs and lakes.
Does it get lonesome at all?

Could it be that we are part of both?
Craving solitude but also a friend.
Someone who would walk with us
through pain and joy.

© miriam ivarson

Can You Hear

Can You Hear

Can you hear them. Million voices
calling out in fear and pain,
Can you feel their agony;
Their loss of hope and faith.

Can you hear them calling
as sickness sweeps the world;
As bombs drop and missiles fly.

Can you hear their pain?

Can you see them,
the suffering and dispossessed?
Can you tell why it should be so?

Words turn to a trickle, a whisper
As another tragedy hits mankind, the Earth.

Is it then wrong to remember, we only have here and now,
so let us hear the flowers sing sweetly
part of nature’s orchestration.

May one day we hear the million voices sing;
Singing songs of freedom and joy.
Call me a dreamer if you wish, so be it.

© miriam ivarson