885877_f520 MOON

Greek and Roman philosophers together with tribes around the world have studied the moon and created the most amazing myths and beliefs.
Each one a beautiful saga.
Scientists through the ages have also studied and learnt much about the influence between moon and earth. 

To even touch upon these wonderful myths would be impossible in one blog – besides my knowledge is not deep enough. You will however find
a picture of a Goddess of the moon and reference to the myth that the moon is created from a part that was once torn away from Earth. By Mercury in one story – by an asteroid in another.

I do like that, quite romantic. 

One thing is certain, the moon has through the ages enchanted mankind
and has played a big part in planning daily life. How many of us can
deny feeling the awe and romantic attraction whilst watching the moon? Be it full, waning or vexing.

Even the historic event of the first man standing on the surface of the moon has not changed this mystique.

So here I give you  THE MOON.


THE MOON                    

Full and bright,
enchanting and serene
she draws us in.
Exercising her magical allure.

Lovers watch the moon
On a starlit night,
silvery streak across the sea;
Respond to her bewitching pull,
the power drawing them close.

To forces of the moon,
The sea will rise and fall,
twice a day, well tuned.
Mystery and marvel on display.

Once torn apart from One,
Is it a longing
between Earth and Moon;
To again be whole?

Love affair of magnitude,
Magnetism sublime.

© miriam ivarson


49 thoughts on “SELENE LUNA THE MOON

  1. Wow! Miriam, what a beautiful post to wake up to this morning…a magical mystical celebration of the moon. It’s pull and efffect on earth and mankind has been since the beginning of the time and your lyrical study is a wondrous joy…The final two stanzas are sublime and I can’t help but return to them: ‘Love affair of magnitude,
    Magnetism sublime.’
    Thank you for this poetic and visual treat in the quiet of dawn today…the pictures are magnificent, awe inspiring and touching. 😀❤️

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    • Annika, thank you for your joyful and wonderful response. I love that it was part of making your morning bright.
      Glad you liked those stanzas, it felt so true to me as I was writing.😊 .

      Trying to study some on the net I gave up as the information was too much for my purpose. What stuck most in my mind was how far back humans have been in awe of the moon. And we still are.
      😊💕🦋 . miriam

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    • Radhika, thank you for your wonderful words and how right you are in saying we all have been witness to its attraction to earth. Also on the human body.
      I love magic so am glad you felt it.

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  2. The moon stirs a thousand emotions, each ethereal, evoking poetry…yours is profound Miriam. Moon charms the heart in all its shapes but full moon is powerful enough to make lovers swoon! What comes to my mind immediately is Taj Mahal in moonlit night…which was a wonder beyond description…once upon a time when we saw it…such a precious memory… unforgettable! 🙂
    Love this poem especially the last two lines are superbly penned.

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    • Dear Balroop, you know how much I appreciate your comments and therefore am bewildered how come my answer to you is not on. Apologies.
      You give me the gift f such beautiful reflections and compliments. Thank you.
      I can only part imagine what Taj Mahal would oook like on a moonlit night.
      Ethereal I guess, like swimming in the air.
      😊🦋💕 Miriam

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  3. Such a lovely poem, Miriam. I’m drawn in by your reference to the moon being torn from earth as all life is torn from a mother, the act being violent but the result one of new life. It’s not surprising that whatever one’s belief, looking to the sky is one of the most calming and promising moments, and offers respite to the problems we all deal with. And love of course – we all seek love. Well done.

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  4. Thank you Sharon for your interesting comment. Comparing the moon
    being torn from Earth to giving birth. Connects us even more with the
    planets and stars above.
    And yes, love….we all seek it as you say.😊

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  5. A wonderful posting, Miriam. Such deep emotion and meaning, expressed, as usual, with exactly the right words. It was the first thing I read this morning (before the newspaper even!), and the thoughts have been in my head all day. Now, it’s mid-evening, and I can finally find the right word. Inspiring.

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    • Peter, thank you for your deeply felt and humorous answer. To come ahead of the news, that seems to be quite an accolade if I understood right. 🙂
      I am glad that the poem inspires you, maybe you should read something inspiring each morning – before the noisy news. 😊 .


  6. Miriam, such a beautiful ode to the moon and all her many attributes and disquises throughout the centuries, some true, some false but all are real in some fashion as myth teaches us. How many nights do we spend under the
    watchful eye of the moon as she has always been there for millennium? Maybe Galileo and Newton will join us by the fire as we trade stories and read your poetry.

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    • Thank you JC for this beautiful answer. You are right about myths, at their core they hold a truth if we but listen. They also hold the dreams of our ancestors on this planet.
      To sit by an evening around a fire together with Galileo and Newton and all you dear friends in blogging world would be a grand dream. I do insist though that we all read something each – with pauses for dreams. ☄️🦋.


  7. You have captured the magic and beauty of the moon in your poem Miriam. There is an almost tidal feeling reading the verses. A perfect poem and post.

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  8. I have been exploring the moon, through the eyes of earliest man (homo habilis). Though s/he had no idea of tides or origin, s/he already felt the emotional draw. At least, my creations do.

    Lovely poem. You’ve included so much of what’s entrancing about the moon.

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  9. Jacqui, thank you for your interesting comment. So you have also explored the moon and wondered. And yes, I am absolutely sure that from earliest man we humans have been aware of the draw and mystique of the moon.

    I did even “research” among some teenagers and they admitted to find the moon bot mystique and romantic. 😊💕 .


  10. How beautiful, Miriam! I think you do a wonderful job capturing the wonder and awe-inspiring effect of the moon. I love seeing a full moon rise this time of year because the moon seems so much bigger. Sometimes I think they call it the “harvest moon”. In any case, it always makes me stop and try to imprint the view in my head. Have a great weekend!

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    • Thank you Julie for your wonderful response.
      Like you I have stopped in the evenings to just look and keep the image of the moon and the nearby stars. England also calls it harvest moon, is gets slightly orange coloured.
      Have a great weekend you too.


  11. Thank you so much Bette and I am so proud you liked my way of celebrating
    our dear moon. There are many ways and doesn’t it show we humans like
    mystique and romance.😊🦋
    May your weekend be wonderful

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    • Thank you so much for your positive response Tiny. How wonderful you had these
      thoughts too last night, yes – the moon is very waxing now; I looked too.
      Magical is our much sung about moon


  13. Wonderful poem Miriam. I often stand and look at the moon thinking that our prehistoric ancestors saw the same view so many millennia ago. One of the few unchanged sights in a world of constant change. Forty seven years on I still find it hard to believe that a human walked in that surface too.

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  14. Thank you Mike for your warm and deep response.
    How wonderfully you put it, from pre-historic time to now man have watched the same unchanging moon. No wonder it has a spell over us.
    I love the observation of it being one of the few unchanged things.
    Funnily I almost put a photo of the first man on the moon n the post….it is amazing I think.


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