Immeasurable Word


Immeasurable Word

Simple and pure
as a child’s first smile;
Often harnessed, tied, used
by man,
in pursuit of power and gain.

Dictats, dogmas, rules,
must be obeyed, followed,
Roles played.
Crushing the spirit, the mind,
creating slaves.

Writers, poets, artists protest,
try to make sense;
At times succeed
At times condemned,

Their voices are heard
Thoughts are stirred.

Burden of Freedom
this beautiful song,
puzzled me as young.
Burden?  Freedom?
The combination seemed wrong.

Freedom from chains
of fear accepted too long,
habitual, noticed no more;
only a yearning for something lost.

It takes courage to go
to break out,
So much easier to stay;
With the tribe,

then to be judged,
Ousted from the club.

We have obligations to fulfill
but don’t forget,
duty to ourselves
our own destiny,

So open that door,
you can reach.
Walk out unchained,
perhaps condemned;

Your spirit will fly,

into the blinding light;
Follow your dreams, 
with peace and joy,
At times pain.

Courage is at the core.

© miriam ivarson


36 thoughts on “Immeasurable Word

  1. Beautiful thoughts Miriam! Freedom is undoubtedly an ‘immeasurable’ word… ‘we are born free yet we are in chains’…chains of all those words that are thrown at us and you have used them so well in this poem. Even smiles are shackled by some societies! Following one’s dreams is the best way to realise that freedom needs to be snatched wherever denied…even at the coat of ‘pain.’ Thanks for an inspiring poem, each word loaded!
    Rabindranath Tagore’s hauntingly beautiful poem ‘Where The Mind Is Without Fear’ has always inspired me to enjoy the freedom without fears.

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    • Thank you Balroop for your deep and thoughtful answer. I am so glad it inspires you . That you found each word loaded makes me feel gratitude.
      I will find the poem about fear you are referring to as I am sure we share similar tastes.
      It comes to something when people no longer dare smile when they want.
      🦋🌻 /Miriam

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  2. A moving, serious poem, Miriam. You take a historical view point and draw wise and pointed conclusions which give me much cause for further consideration. Your words, in fact, do help my spirit ‘to fly into the blinding light’. A beautiful phrase!

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    • Roland, I am very touched by the depth you seem to find in my poem.
      That my words could help your spirit to fly makes me very happy.
      If our words touches the heart of the recipient we got something right and each time this world might be a better place for it.
      Thank you 🦋😊 .

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  3. Beautifully put. Possibly the most misused word in the English language, except perhaps for “love”. People talk about wanting “freedom”. They fail to see that true “freedom” requires inner courage, and brings with it many obligations. Thank you for the Kristofferson clip; one of my favourites.
    “Give me the courage to be what I can.”

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    • Thank you Peter, indeed we need to be aware what we really mean when we use such important words as love and freedom. They carry great weight if used rightly.
      I am glad you liked the song. I like many of his songs and lyrics are very poetic and strong. This particular one had an great impact on me for very long.
      May we have courage to be what we can.

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  4. Miriam, your poem is lovely as your words carry weight with the responsibility and burden of freedom. But it’s a joyous burden to have and to keep close to our hearts. Thank you for such words that enter our memory so we can relive them in wonder… jc

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  5. The line that struck me was ‘try to make sense’. I do think many of us artists to that, and it can be challenging because sometimes we don’t even understand ourselves. With letting go comes courage as you mentioned – and also strength to move forwards again and again. Very well written and there’s an element of freedom to it all from the way you seem to randomly break up the stanzas 🙂


  6. Thank you Mabel for your interesting response. ‘Try to make sense’ ..and as I also say ‘ at times succeed’ . Nobody will always succeed. Wish we could.:) I find that renewed courage is needed frequently as life throws another surprise…….luckily some of them are just pleasant and let us rest.

    The break ups – couplets – in my poem are not random. I am afraid they are deliberate. The two one lines are for emphasis.
    I love that you took this up as the more modern poetry allows more ways of expression – within reason and meter.


  7. Beautiful thoughts and poetry Miriam. I like your thought of writers, poets and artists leading the charge to freedom and on reflection it is something they have been doing for centuries. Maybe it is their time to take over the running of the world.


  8. Thank you so much Davy D. And yes, I love how you see it that
    artists of all kinds should again lead the way. As you rightly say, it
    has always been the case and many have suffered for it.

    I am smiling at us leading the world…..well, why not. There are a lot
    of brainpower around and coupled with a desire to create harmony
    it would work better than now. Here we go…..😊🦋



    • Julie, thank you for your generous comment, it warms my heart. 🙂
      Yes, we all know the importance of writing from the heart ( yes, the brain is a good help ). grin.
      However else can we really reach someone else’s?
      Have a lovely weekend

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  9. Miriam, these are beautifully rendered thoughts about freedom. You’ve considered the nuances of a word used often but a concept often misunderstood. Sometimes it is only our spirits that escape the bounds. I like the hopeful ending, because without hope, who could survive?

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    • Thank you Sharon for your wonderful comment, it is a great feeling
      to be so understood.
      You are so right, how would we survive without hope. The world needs
      plenty of it.
      Have a good weekend

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  10. Helen, thank you for your beautiful comment.
    As to psychology, it has always interested me and I believe we all are
    trying to understand ourselves and others.
    Very welcome to my window


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  11. Miriam, a wonderful post in the celebration of Freedom. You take us from the bigger picture of Freedom of our countries, in our society to the very essence of ourselves -Freedom within our own actions, own hearts and souls! Your layout is brilliant, the single lines of ‘Your spirit will fly’ and ‘Courage is at the core’ stand out and it is impossible to ignore their call! A deep and thought provoking poem and a much under-appreciated Kris Kristofferson for us at the end – I love this one! Wishing you a lovely weekend! 😀❤️

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  12. Thank you Annika. Your answer is so all encompassing and beautiful that
    I get speechless …….but I still have to say how deeply touched I am by
    the time you have given to take in all aspects of this poem.

    So glad you could feel those one liners; they were meant to be felt. 😊 .
    I am glad you liked the song, Kris did of course always draw on his own experiences.
    Miriam 🦋💕


  13. A truly beautiful poem about freedom and the courage often needed in order to pursue it, Miriam. Love that you pointed out how difficult a concept it is to children to combine freedom and burden. Life gets more complicated when we’re adults, and children often can help to simplify the important things with their point of view. Wish you a lovely week! Hugs! 😄

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  14. Thank you Sarah for your wonderful words. Yes, the concept is foreign to a child and to those who are children at heart.
    There are ,when I think about it, so many stories all around us; some had to pay higher price for freedom than others – or so it seems.

    Either way, to be free In your spirit is worth it.
    You enjoy yourself ur week too and jug back.


  15. Beautiful reflection on the burden of freedom, Miriam, from the personal to the global. It’s something, for some reason, that we need to continue to fight for or it’s swallowed up by fear. Flight of the spirit is the reward indeed. ❤

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  16. Thank you for your lovely comment Diana. Yes, we were born free
    and it should be the natural state of life. To some degree we can make it
    Sadly pre-conceived ideas and dogmas bind many as nations power hunger and often cruelty bind and control people.
    The light will shine one day.


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  17. Michael, thank you for your comment. Ultimately the costs and draws are worth it and I would argue it is the only way to really live. Not all are given a
    chance though.


  18. Powerful words Miriam. Though free, we don’t experience freedom in the true sense. We are all bound by so many unsaid rules of society, words, relationships and so on. It takes a lot of courage to break away from those shackles and experience life uninhibited.

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