Darkness and light,
enhancing each other.
Without, our hearts would not
soar so high nor shine;

not having felt fear and grief,
trouble and joy.

Walking the forest I am struck,
gasping at the otherworldly play
Between light and shade.
Mosses in shimmering hues;
lime grey and bright golden greens;

whilst tree trunks throw intricate patterns
of a music score, on forest floor.
The huge roots from fallen pines,
so beautiful in death;

Providing home and food
for creatures that thrive.


This leads me to the shades within ourselves, the dark and light of fear, an inherent feeling in all beings.
Albert Camus said: ” There is no love of life without despair of life”.

To find balance and healing we need to leave space in our soul for all the shades. Room for our fears, our joys, our peace, our misery. Room for beauty.

Just accept what is now and let that be so. From such acceptance there might grow a creativity we had no time to see.

As I write this on fluttering pages whilst sitting in the shades of Birch trees I am at one within and without. Beauty surrounds me and serenity. I feel inner peace.
When we find this it might be wise to rest in the harbour for a while and restore wisdom and knowledge of ourselves and life.



35 thoughts on “OPPOSITES OR ONE

  1. Thank you Br. For your comment. It really means a lot to know that this
    little message brought you calm in the morning and hope the anxiety will
    abate. You will go through and you are positive.

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    • Thank you Sheila, it does make you wonder how many we are walking around feeling good about all the colours and shades around us. How bleak it would be without.


  2. Thank you for your words of wisdom, truth and beauty. It was good for my soul to read this after a long, unpleasant day. Now I feel much better, my guru.

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  3. I am glad that you found solace in the words I written. And maybe even feel
    the truth.
    Hope your day ends well. Thanks for comment.
    p.s. guru I am not 😊


  4. Years ago when I first started down this road to truth, I found out about opposites and how they compliment each other and how beautiful this compliment is. So when I’m down I relish the moment knowing that bliss will come thru the door uninvited but expected like the moon in the night.

    Thanks for the reminder of this in your wonderful words and how they sing…

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    • Thank you JC for your comment and I am glad the words sing to you.
      As you have experienced this truth yourself you know that without accepting all these opposites within there will be no vibrancy of spirit.
      As nature already knows.😊
      miriam πŸ¦‹


  5. Miriam, your words and pictures breathe serenity and capture profound thoughts. They remind me of famous couplets of an Urdu poet and I quote the translated version: “The glory of a garden is enhanced not just by flowers but by thorns too. Pain/sorrow too is required to live in this world.”
    Our life is a strange amalgamation of opposites:
    β€’ Some boring moments – we have to make them interesting.
    β€’ Some failures – we have to strive for success.
    β€’ Some regrets – we have to move on.
    β€’ Some disenchantment – we have to relook at our perspective.
    β€’ Some snubs – we have to emerge stronger.
    β€’ Some deeper hurts – we have to balance our emotions.
    β€’ Some fantasies – we have to remain grounded.

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  6. Balroop, thank you for your beautiful comment. I feel honoured that it reminded you of an Urdu poet. Thanks for the translation. Those thoughts are universal and it is wonderful to feel that.
    I love your list of amalgamation of opposites!
    Miriam πŸ¦‹


  7. Wow! Miriam, this is a superlative post and I sense your inner peace and tranquility as you rest in your harbour amongst the trees. The wisdom and truth of your poem is profound…how can one be without the other, although at the time of deepest darkest grief or sorrow it is hard to believe light and joy will reign in ones heart again. Fear is such a destructive force and if we face it, refuse to accept it, I agree, it would be a wonder to see what creativity results! Boundless it seems if your post here is anything to go by!! Go with your harmony, Miriam…sit amongst those birches and let the breeeze flutter your pages of the notebook.❀️

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  8. So beautiful, the pics and the writing. You’ve done a good job capturing that elusive sense we experience when we find that spot, both time and place, where we can just be and enjoy the salve of the natural world around us. I love being in the trees with the light and shade making patterns. It’s relaxing, and soothing for nerves that can be irritated by our day-to-day stresses and frustrations. Thank you for sharing, Miriam!

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    • Thank you for your beautiful and generous comment. I am really glad that you felt it captured the feeling of being at one with nature. Would it be that we carry some of these experiences with us in our daily life to maintain balance within.

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    • Thank you Sharon, I didn’t this time mean to do both poetic and prose…but that is how it came out. If together they manage to convey why and ways to appreciate all shades in life I am happy.
      I guess that going through many facets we learn and that morning I saw it clearly as I looked at nature. Moments like that happen.


  9. Wonderful to see you here Babs and thanks for your lovely comment.
    Coming from an artist like yourself it is especially rewarding that you find
    artistic balance between images and words.
    and welcome to ‘Oasis’ any time.πŸ˜‰πŸ¦‹


  10. Thank you so much Miriam, your comment is a warm hug and knowing your beautiful posts we seem to share the same attitude to nature and people.

    Just after a couple of weeks in the wood came down to the islands of the the West Coast …and found a wi-if. πŸ€— . Soon out to greet the ocean.


  11. Such a beautiful post… Love the poem… so deep… It reminded of HeraclitusΒ΄theory of the union of opposites. I guess (we are ) all (is) the same… or at least Heraclitus was quite sure of that πŸ˜€ xx Thanks for sharing ! ❀

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    • Thank you Aquileana, glad to have you here and your comment is so strong.
      To be compared to Heraclitus of 500 BC ( did some homework) is an honour.
      Isn’t it magic that today we can feel the same certainty of unity of opposites as he did a study of so very long ago.
      Like Heraclitus I am also sure of it.😊 .
      πŸ¦‹πŸ’• miriam


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