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What was it like when life just began?
on this planet we love,

When all was still,
yet, so intensely alive;
working in harmony,
A stillness hard to conceive.

Birds, animals and man
together in peace;
No need for dominance or strife.

As I head for my retreat in Sweden tomorrow morning I  realise that in today’s world it is close to the Eden we often seek.

I feel blessed to have come across this hidden gem and am sure I was somehow guided. It is in an area I hadn’t thought of, a chance word in a conversation caught my attention  and all was go from then on.

To give you all a taste of a still morning at my retreat I want to share with you the poem below which I wrote whilst having breakfast under some birches, facing the morning sun.



Whisper of pages turning
by the breeze,
untouched writing pad;
Pen lying idle beside,

just being is so majestic,
No word good enough.
The morning sun 
gently warms my face.

Delicious beyond description,
Blueberries and raspberries
bursting in my mouth.
Harvested this morning 
among forest trees.

Wagtail, Fieldfare delight 
on new cut lawns,
Picking, flitting,
Drinking dew.

Organ music 
through spruce woods,
Delicate whisper
through birches;
Sun teasing between
summer clouds.

Coffee tastes good.

I lean back, stretch arms to the sky,
Palms upturned;
Saying with a smile;
For an another day of Life.

© miriam ivarson

Winged friends

41 thoughts on “INTENSELY ALIVE

    • Thank you Darlene, it really is. I often have difficulties leaving after a couple of weeks. Go totally into dreamy land. Just as well there are guests and friends; keep me grounded.😊 .

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    • Wonderful that you enjoyed the offering. 🦋 . It is indeed enthralling and the poem is totally the truth.:) I sat down with a “brilliant” idea, so I thought.
      Well, it flew and Morning musings happened instead.

      Glad you liked my pictures, I am afraid I got the Earth from Pixaby.

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  1. Miriam, I read your words and see the picutres and all is beautiful. And this tells me that you are already there. A part of it stays with you and will never leave. And from your pictures, we get a rare glimpse of heaven on earth.

    I wish you the best of days on your holiday may the land always reside in your heart and soul… JCs

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    • Thank you JC, how true; a part always stays with you when you fully engage with nature or events. This retreat has never failed to restore and becalm the spirit.
      Who knows, I might send more pictures later.😊

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  2. Truly wonderful, Delphini. Your words and pictures conjure up the feeling of heaven on Earth. It must be a magical place, and I wish you joy there. The picture of our little blue marble bursting into life is inspired. Having man’s origins centre stage as well, makes it even more special. Let us look after it.

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  3. Thanks for your beautiful comment Peter. It is magical in the way nature speaks to us in a silence undisturbed by machines ( except the odd day of lawnmower ).:) I love your phrase:
    ” our blue marble bursting int life” – this is what I intended to show as a start and what came to me whilst sitting in such undisturbed haven.


  4. Nature can be so inspiring, so relaxing…beautiful words sprout like flowers…I could hear them! Have a wonderful holiday Miriam! Thank you for sharing those lovely pics and let those pages record all the whispers.

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  5. Thank you Balroop for your beautiful comment, I am deeply touched.
    Wherever I sit down on the land I will have a notepad fluttering and pen handy;
    you never know, new whispers might come as a blessing.

    Thanks for your holiday wishes!


  6. Miriam, I’m glad you picked up the pen and started to write this poem in your notebook! 😀 We would all be poorer not being able to be part of you idyllic retreat. I felt mesmerised by the sense of peace and tranquility you paint here with your words, the breeze, birds, taste of fresh berries, the warmth of the sun. I wish you a wonderful holiday with many blessed moments such as this for you. ❤️

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    • Annika, thank you for your warm reply. You have taken in the play of all the senses and those were certainly at play. How lucky we are who have them, I am grateful each day.
      I will be keeping that pen and fluttering notepad handy, you never know what will walk by. 🐘🐿🦌🐞🐜🐝. Carried away? Me? 🦋💕

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      • Well, I can imagine a squirrel and the insects…but not many elephants, I guess! Or was that supposed to be an elk?!😀Happy Writing and look forward to reading your new creations soon…don’t keep us waiting too long! ❤️

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  7. Lovely Mirja. As we are heading for our own retreat tomorrow, I am totally in tune with you. I do envy you the fruit though… not much in our piece of Eden. Enjoy

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  8. Thank you Br, it is great to see you here. You see, we all seek our piece of Eden, somewhere to just be.
    Shame about the berries, you just have to drive to the shop.😊 .
    Have a really good time.


  9. Thank you Andrea, It makes me happy that you can sense this deep feeling of peace and wellbeing I feel here. It is magic.
    A fifteen minute drive will take me to the sea with its own so special sound, scent and of course the soaring sea gulls.



  10. Thank you David!
    Arriving yesterday it wrapped itself around me again.
    I hold my breath when I arrive, hoping it will all connect.:)
    It is precious to feel those ‘very first ‘ moments of life.
    Just be.🦋 .


  11. So glad to have you here. Your comment makes me feel proud as it really
    is a place where you feel you can breathe easily and feel a meditative calmness in you.
    Also fantastic for cloud watching.😘🦋


    • Andreea, lovely to see you here and thank you for your nomination.
      As you know from my answer on your blog I am “in the wild” 😊 now and things like wi-if we have not. Would disturb the birdsong.
      However, stray signals from satellites find their way.

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  12. That calm world imagining to conceive though
    But has intensely become alive
    The mornings, afternoons, evenings and nights show their own delights
    When it comes to visiting such blog posts in the hours
    Life becomes intensively more and more alive.
    Miriam thanks for the words your own pen had brought out.

    Like you I too bring out one post a week and I think I can afford that much only…

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  13. Thank you so much Shiva. Your comment is so heartwarming that I feel like being silent. And rest the pen a bit whilst realising the import of what we put down. You honoured me with this response.

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