Many a wise man has said that you have to leave to see the beauty of the place you came from. To with new force feel what you took for granted – every day.

I loved the island where I grew up and like any child saw it as a natural part of my life. Not remarkable, just home.

I was one of these children who grew amongst these rocks, surrounded by the sea. It was home, it was paradise. Yet, one day I knew I had to move as my dreams hungered for new experiences and vistas.

Yesterday evening as I watched the view before me, it looked wondrous. As if the sea was lit from underneath in an incredible hue and spread its light upwards to the sky. Breath-stopping display of creation beyond our capability.

As I leave the islands today I would like to share with you a poem I wrote yesterday.



Seagulls dipping and soaring
delighting in the wind;
Knowing their own selves,
Terns displaying their diving skills,

The same summer wind now
so warmly kisses my face,
You charmer I say
how can I resist,

Yet I know well your winter roar,
whipping the ocean with ferocity,
Threatening to swallow
the island where I grew.

Spring comes and shows
you had washed and polished,
rocks of granite to a soft sheen
in pinks, grey with black streaks,

Now smooth and silken to the skin.

Pleasure boats also delight
in your warm flirty breeze;
Skipping joyfully across the squalls.

In winter when we hear
the might of the ocean,
See big ships thrown like toys;
I ask you to desist.

I love you both ways
Dear ocean and wind.

by/ miriam ivarson

37 thoughts on “THE WIND

  1. Miriam, such a beautiful poem to share the calm and might of the sea. For to know one is to know the other and realize that we come from the sea and its to the sea we shall return.

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    • Thank you for your comment JC, I am glad you enjoyed the poem.
      All the elements where a delight, including the chorus of the seagulls that woke me early hours.:)


  2. Beautifully crafted poem. It hits every sense.
    I can touch the smooth granite rocks, smell the sea air, hear the gulls crying, taste the salt on skin and see the wonderful islands in their sparkling setting.
    A magical evocation of a magical place.

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  3. So true Miriam…wind charms and carries us away far from all those places we love, memories we want to relive! Love all those images that have recreated the magic of your cherished years, which you are leaving behind…wishing you many such splendid places to explore. πŸ™‚ Wonderfully articulated thoughts!

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  4. Balroop, thanks for your very beautiful comment. How it reaches its target. πŸ™‚

    I will always remember and love this island and its people but above all I know you are right. There are other splendid places to explore. These will shine alongside and make you always understand that this planet is a wonderful place. Filled with fascinating and loving people.
    Miriam πŸ¦‹πŸŽΆ


  5. This is absolutely lovely, capturing the moods of the sea and the wind. Thank you for sharing a view into the world you grew up in. There’s nothing quite like looking out over the ocean, that sense of power and timelessness, and the wind carrying salt and spray. πŸ™‚

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  6. Thank you so much Julie for your beautiful comment. With attention
    we all honour each other and so it is when I realise how well you taken
    in my rather spontaneous post. Feeling the wind and the sea.
    Nature plays such a big role for all of us
    Miriam πŸŒ»πŸ¦‹


  7. Miriam, many thanks for sharing your beautiful reflections on your home island and the poem inspired by it. Wow! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ The poem is a tour de force, travelling with the seasons and bringing to life the tantalising sea, ferocious, dramatically stunning and then the ‘flirty breeze’ calming the elements. I love how you describe the softness of the granite, a wonderful juxtaposition of opposites. Your words bring us directly to your island, standing on the granite…your introductory prose highlights your warmth and love for the place your grew up…one that has deepened with the years I feel. Yet another terrific post and a joy to read. πŸ˜€β€οΈ

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  8. Thank you so much Annika, I am overwhelmed. Your comment reads
    like a review we all might dream about receiving one day. 😊 .
    I love how you noticed the “juxtaposition” between softness and granite.
    I am so glad the post touched you.


  9. Such an evocative poem Miriam. I should imagine that growing up on an island in such close proximity to the forces of nature (partcularly the wind and the sea and their extreme changing moods) gives you an holistic and wide ranging view on the connections and dependance we have with nature. It must be something that is life forming and stays with you for ever. No wonder you feel the pull and desire to return whenever you can. I never really experienced this growing up as I did on a council estate but came to it later on my travels and realised that we are priviliged to be alive and should be very respective of nature in all its moods and take nothing for granted. As a result I have even been back to see our old council house and local haunts a couple of times!.


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  10. Thank you Mike for this in depth and sensitive comment. You say : ” gives you an holistic and wide ranging view on the connections and dependance we have with nature.” How beautifully put and how true. Yes, I will always be drawn back even though there are many places I have stayed that given richness.
    Growing up as you did there must be other strong bonds as I have learnt in England how close people were with families all around them and friends all along the streets. I believe street parties started in estates like this. So the warmth must be at the core. Glad you went back.


  11. Beautiful place. Beautiful poem. Though many would have fond memories of their childhood places, growing up amid nature no doubt would leave an indelible mark on a person (I mean for the better).

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  12. Thank you Ankur for your kind comment. I do agree that many people carry the memories of strong childhood bonds and these will be the base – an integral part of us wherever we go in life.


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