Too often I hear the expression “my life is on hold”and it startles me. I can see this wall building up, a veritable tsunami wave. Life itself protesting as it can never be put on hold. Will always move.

Imagine the avalanche as the man / woman gets the job or moves home! Should life then crash down and drown us all?

Forgive my meandering and dramatic imagery but this is how I feel. The phrase “ Life is on hold” is a disharmonious chord.

It reminded me that today is tomorrow’s yesterday. With these thoughts I give you also a little poem about the flow.


Forever Now



23 thoughts on “LIFE ON HOLD

  1. Miriam,

    Such a lovely, telling poem about the sanctity of the present moment in all its forms. The past and future hold court for the present as we do abandon ourselves into the whole.

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    • Thank you Jeff for your beautiful comment, it makes me proud. As we all know pride goes before fall So I will promptly be humble again:)
      Yes, there is sanctity in each moment if we are open and let it. Respect and honour the life we are given.

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  2. Well said, Miriam, and perhaps a wake-up call for some of us. One of the Greek philosophers wrote “No man can step into the same river twice. The second time it will be a different river, and a different man”. Time to be a’movin’

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    • Thank you Peter, I have heard the quote by the Greek philosopher and will look up who he was. What he said though is forever true.
      It this poem affected your choices in any way I am grateful.


  3. What a great post – wise and with a touch of humor. I never thought of it before, but you’re so right. We can’t put our life “on hold.” Life won’t let us! And a lovely poem….<3


  4. Thank you Pam for your wonderful and happy comment.
    If you found humour as well I smile big as I think humour is the daily bit
    of salt that takes us through some days.

    Just imagine holding back the unimaginable force of life…… are right, it won’t give us a chance. Besides, do we want to?
    Miriam 😉💕


  5. Miriam, I love your little introduction to the poem and even here there is poetry in your words: ‘I can see this wall building up, a veritable tsunami wave.’ Also you’ve given my mind its exercise as it did mental gymnastics with ‘today is tomorrow’s yesterday’. Phew! 😀😀

    The beauty and truth of your poem shines through…I too have heard these words of ‘life on hold’ and they’ve always jarred with me…now I know why! Not only does this undervalue the precious gift of life, it is patently impossible! Thank you for sharing this deeply spiritual poem and may we all embrace life and its ability to ‘Just Flow’.❤️


  6. Annika, your spirit shines like a newborn brook happily skipping its way.
    I am touched by your deep and fun comment. Be glad I didn’t expand on the mental gymnastics 😊 I almost added…..oh well, maybe not.

    I am so glad you felt clarity and spirituality in my post, I aimed for both.
    Yes, without thinking we often do undervalue the precious gift life is
    and the responsibility we have in letting it shine.
    miriam 💕🦋

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  7. I’m glad you feel the same way I do Miriam. I was wondering how one puts his/her life on hold. It’s impossible, almost. I mean life will continue whether you participate or not. The poem is lovely.

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    • Thank you for your positive and true reply, it makes my heart smile.
      Somehow we are in this flow of life together whether we like it or not.
      We meet obstacles, quite spectacular at times, but with positive spirit
      we will overcome.
      And enjoy this sailing/ road/ trek….through life. Creating, loving, learning.

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    • Dear Jacqui,
      I have had problems getting through with my reply to you – been thrown back to WW….for edit!
      So belatedly, thank you for your lovely comment. Yes, waterfalls, streams, seas, oceans all seem to speak to most of us.
      Miriam. 🌈🦋💕


  8. How true Miriam, your poem truely struck a chord with me. I am guilty of forever planning “what’s next after this” often to the detriment of what’s happening now. I think I need to think back and behave as I did in my childhood – but only insofar as living life to the full in the moment and not worrying about what comes next rather than all the other childhood stuff. (Although much of that was good too!)

    Your post has given me fresh momentum.


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  9. Wow Mike, to think that my post gave you another – more positive – momentum makes my heart sing. Don’t give up now, promise.
    How easy it is for all of us to worry about all that we think faces us
    and often stress over what we later find just came easy.


    • We are indeed. I guess we could grab hold at roots and branches on the side
      and hang on….for fear of what would happen if we let go?
      We have the choice to stay or let go in most everyday life situations.
      Thank you for the visit and the follow. 🙂


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