I promised myself to post only once a week and have
( what I think ) a good idea – alas, that one has to wait.

You see,  I was sitting out with breakfast in the garden
today, a most ethereally quiet and beautiful morning. Even the
trees and bushes were hushed. Only the odd tender branch
felt any breeze and fluttered. The birds sang Sotto Voce,
so enchanted was all and I know I was blessed.

So I want to share with you a simple poem called
“Enlightenment” that came to me early yesterday morning.
As often happens, the Impish being – I now call it “Water nymph”-
as I am so often interrupted whilst showering. In and out of the
shower makes for quite moist scribbling. I am not complaining,
after all I also like water.
Besides, this “Water Nymph” lovingly embraces my heart and makes
the sun shine in corners I didn’t know of.


Do we discuss too much?
should we just do,
Be enlightened as we go;
Feel the wonder,

Memories of such fullness
flicker past;
Scrubbing home woven carpets,
laid out on granite rocks, by the sea;
scrubbing with green soap,
humming with content,

carpets my mother wove,
every colour, expressing her;
Her light spirit, song and love.
In their creation, she felt gladness,
she didn’t know the word
Just sang.

The same on baking day,
she just sang,
it rang out far and wide;
The bread rose golden,
enchanted we were drawn,

‘Enlightened’, with a smile,
she handed the golden fare,
with contentment we rushed out,
happily played as we ate.

She was enlightened,
but didn’t know the word.

© miriam ivarson

First lot out

36 thoughts on “Enlightenment

  1. What a wonderful poem, and such beautiful pictures. You sum it up so well. Your final eight words give us an ideal to aspire to, that probably we can’t achieve.

    Don’t limit yourself to one post a week. When your Water Nymph calls, you have to share.

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    • Thank you Peter for your deep and thoughtful comment, it touches me.
      Maybe we can achieve this if we practice a bit each day.:)

      Thanks for the vote of confidence; I have no schedule any longer so will just go with the flow……🦋


  2. Miriam, I feel enlightened reading your beautiful post – it’s intensely moving and touches me to the core. Within the simplicity of the everyday your mother lived an enlightened life, to the full with every action giving it all her attention. I just adore the wonderful details you paint of her and you early life, striking and immediate. Now to those buns…can I have one, please??😀😀 Btw, the photos are stunning, the colours so vibrant! Thank you for such an uplifting post – – a precious start to my day that will stay with me as I ‘Rejoice’! Hugs xx ❤️

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    • Miriam, your words are enlightened in themselves, especially the way you make them sing as though they bow in your presence. There are many who seek enlightenment but it doesn’t come by expectation. In truth, we already are enlightened but we fail to realize it. And we see it in the simple things you named in your post. Reading your poetic lines is all one needs to open up to the transcendence.

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  3. Thank you JC for your dazzling praise of my words, I am humbled.
    You are so right, enlightenment doesn’t come by expectation or intellectual
    study. I like the thought that we already are but fail to realise it.
    We better start a spring clean of our inner selves and find the treasures
    with which we are all born.


  4. Diana, thank you for your amazing comment.
    It has my heart singing with the light it conveyed.
    Reading a number of philosophers on Enlightenment I just suddenly
    saw that I had lived with it my whole childhood.
    And I didn’t know the word either.😊❤️

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  5. Thank you Pam, your comment makes me happy.
    Yes, if we all were to reach a state where we touch all we do with light and love the world would change considerably. 🌼🦋


  6. Love the poem Miriam It just expresses the joy of simply taking pleasure in the (often simple) things that one does in life which bring the most hapiness and fulfillment. Just basking in the sheer pleasure of being alive.


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  7. Thanks for your beautiful comment.
    If we could but be , just be our genuine selves without role playing.
    Go about our day in harmony…….it might be as simple as that.


  8. This is a tremendous piece Miriam, you are a true Alchemist of word, you see not just look. There is beauty and interest in every line, you enable the reader to not only see through your eyes but feel through your heart.
    Thank you.

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  9. Nigel, your comment silenced me yesterday but I shall not in shyness brush away your so beautiful words; thank you is what I want to say.
    Your last line lifted my spirit high and how I wish this would always be so.


  10. Thank you Michael, it is lovely to see this post up again.
    So glad you liked it.
    Yes, those are cinnamon buns although I call them “kanelbullar” 😊 .
    Baked by me ……fancy one



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