Have you ever stopped, looked at something so beautiful
it makes you hurt, bring tears to your eyes.
Equally so, been deeply touched by an encounter, a kindness
or simply something you observed during a busy day?

Physically, mentally and emotionally we will each day be moved
and stimulated by what we meet and see.
Body and soul in unison will sing a song. These are wonders that
fills and lifts me anew every morning.

This week I will simply share with you one of these wonder,
The Moors.
Having lived and worked many years in two towns situated
among these wondrous moorlands my heart sings in gratitude.

The Curlew

Walking the moors a spring day
This boundless, wild land,
emitting rejuvenating,
sublime and heavenly scent.

See the Curlew fly,
perfection on wings;
Hear their anthem, their call;
So clear and spiritual
in this expansive dome.

They come in spring,
build nests for their young;
feed on grasses, heather and fern.
In so doing they lift our soul,
to soar with them in song

Should I ever leave,
They will forever remain,
bright in my heart and mind;
They are part of me now,
like the ocean vast.

Beloved moors, so shimmering,
so changing each day,
I feel blessed to know you,
Your welcoming rolling hills,
colours and air forever crisp,

lest it be forgot,
I say it again.
Thank you dear Curlew
for your beautiful song.

A sound too sheer for a concert hall.

©miriam ivarson

Although I have many stories about the mysteries
and magnetism of these rolling hills I will let the song
with Spinners  “ The Rambler”  tell their tale.

32 thoughts on “TOUCHING OUR WHOLE

  1. Miriam, thank you for such an enthralling poem – I felt I was walking on the moor, catching sight of the curlew, seeing ‘perfection’ of its wings, listening to its ‘anthem’. Your deep spiritual affection for nature, the moors, the curlew, is infectious and mesmerising. The photographs are wonderful, the moors majestic in its hues of purple, blue and brown and wow, the curlew is exquisite. Finally, I loved the song…there’s nothing like a good ramble o’th’ moors! Off to pack my knapsack…😃❤️

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    • Thank you Annika for this wonderful reply mirroring my own love for the moors. I have the feeling they are an intricate part of you too. Following your blog I believe nature touches you deeply.
      Yes, exquisite is so right about the Curlew, did you know that each spring they faithfully return to the same mate.🌟💕

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  2. I remember my first walk on those beautiful moors, and hearing the curlew for the first time in over thirty years. You bring the spirit of the bird, and of the moors to life. Of course, you can’t go wrong with the Spinners!

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    • I am so glad you feel my poem brings the moors and the Curlew’s song back to you. You obviously spent some time there too and feel in love with its majestic aura, also so filled with mystery.
      Thank you Peter.


    • Thank you for your comment Jacqui. I am so glad that you also feel
      the wonder of those strong emotions that make one gasp and make you
      want to laugh and cry. True connection with life.


    • Thank you Jacqui for your comment. I am so glad to hear you also have these strong moments of connections with life around you. Feelings that make you gasp as they hit you. What a gift to us all. Makes you both laugh and cry.


  3. Thank you for your positive comment. I am so glad you feel I have given the Curlew his own charachter. This was my aim with both him and the hills.

    ‘Delphini’ is a name given to me years ago by people in a Greek village who saw me early each morning swimming and leaping…trying to imitate Dolphins. 😊 I loved my new name as the dolphin is s playful and kind creature that obviously loves the sea.


  4. Thought provoking poem Miriam, and it brings back memories of walking the moors a few years ago. The peace and tranquility (not to mention the sounds) of the moors is in complete contrast to the hustle and bustle of modern living and works as a tonic for the soul. It also makes you aware of how small and vulnerable you are compared to the scale of nature. This can be disconcerting though because, to paraphrase Douglas Adams, it makes you aware that the one thing you don’t need is a sense of perspective!


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  5. Thank you Mike for this beautiful answer. I am so glad the poem brought back your deep held love for rambling and the quiet nature. “Tonic for the soul” you say, how I agree. It does take you away from the business of modern life. One can ask, does it not have something to teach us?

    I love the Douglas Adams quote, how true. It takes courage to accept how small we are in the whole and yet we are all important parts.


  6. Wow, thank you. To reach someone’s heart with our words is a dream we all share. If I did paint this mountains with words that made you feel you were there I am so happy. Thank you.🌟


    • Thank you Pablo, you are probably right.
      Both are majestic, rolling and contain the stillness and serenity that I feel on the moors, the ocean …and might very well feel should I visit one of your four huge deserts. I spotted the Needle Point. Looks stark but fascinating.

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