Objects de’Art


Object D’Art

Together they mingle in harmony
the arts, bursting from souls
no longer suppressed or withheld.

Paintings of peace in flowing hues,
some in colours of grief.

Same with legends from Wordsmiths,
at times withheld too long;
Now telling their drams and truths.

The sculptor who this moment created a vase
so smooth, glazed in natures hues.

To tell about the many creative forms
would keep us here too long,

First, lest we forget. Always listen,
Listen to your heart.
Without love and passion

all art is just delightful objects d’art.

© miriam ivarson

46 thoughts on “Objects de’Art

  1. Miriam, a beautiful poetic rallying call for all the arts to come from within us:
    ‘the arts, bursting from souls
    no longer suppressed or withheld.’

    Just the way it should … a freeing of the spirit and of our creative selves. Love your poem and also the photo of the vase. It’s very striking and in form and colours.

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    • What a wonderful comment, Annika, thank you. I am honoured the way
      you quote some of my words and happy the poem rang so true with you.
      As to the vase, I agree with you. Something simple but strong about it.
      Keep well💕.


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  2. What lovely insight, Miriam. I agree with this, and consider art, music, words just varied ways of communicating, none better than the other but some reaching people the others wouldn’t. Delightful poem!

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    • Jaqui, thank you for your thoughtful and lovely response and I am of course
      glad that you felt liked the poem. As you gathered I also see all art forms
      as being of equal importance as long as they reach someone and give light.



  3. A beautiful poem, Miriam. I have friends who create beautiful pieces of pottery, artwork. They prompted me to investigate and write a story questioning whether artwork contains energy, after our New Zealand trip last year.

    Reading through the comments, I am drawn to your response “…that is when what we write comes alive.” “….bursting from souls.” You remind me how art is infused with the energy and “passion” of the artist and of the times.

    Wow! Thank you for sharing.❤️

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    • Erica, your wonderful comment has created warmth in my heart and a smile on my face. You will write a wonderful essay about your trip as I feel you
      are very in tune with the whole.
      It make me so glad that you noticed my strong feeling about what makes art – Art. Infused with passion and energy. Without, it is just pretty and decorative
      objects or books or poems….

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    • You are so right, B. Any form of art will lift and enthuse. Maybe this great trial
      now plaguing the world will teach us something new and switch the light on. 🤗.



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