they fall upon a hungry ground,
snowflakes filled with dew.
So slowly, so gently they wake
grasses and plants.  Feed them

blessings from the sky.
As together Earth and snow create
A season of awakening, of new life.

The feed from above settles lightly
on my newly created lawn,
I say, thank you for the blessing
Knowing the grass will smile with the sun.

So gently we are all bound together
a creation of love and life.

© miriam ivarson



42 thoughts on “SOFTLY

  1. Balroop, that is a beautiful comment, thank you. “The hungry ground” – just so, that is what it was. We need nourishment as does the earth.
    Trees are smiling and so are we.



  2. Wow! Miriam, a poem of such joy and purity – it’s incredibly uplifting, the words as soft as your title! 😀 May we never forget how tightly we are bound to nature, that love and light is there! Thank you for sharing your creation with us here … giving harmony and peace to all who read it. I love your split sentences across the stanzas, they work brilliantly and are becoming a bit of a trait for poet you!

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend, even if we are facing yet another stormy one! A good excuse to cosy up indoors with a good book! 😀❤️

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    • Ahh …, Annika, thank you for your wonderful response to my poem.
      Your positive and beautiful words fall softly on my soul.
      I agree with you, may we never forget how closely we are entwined with nature and how we need to look out for each other.
      I am glad you like my ‘one-liners and couplets’. They did sort of appear and felt right for me. Even the tutor at the time liked them.


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  3. Quite lovely Miriam. And long after the last snow flake of the season has gently wafted down, the snowpack left behind continues to be critical to life and growth feeding streams, rivers and lakes. –Curt

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  4. Thank you, Curt. The light layer of spring snow is different though.
    The heavy fall of winter snow and snow melt do, as you say, continue feeding
    streams, rivers and lakes.



      • Wow, it’s sounds delightful. My preniniel popped up. I pruned the roses a month ago and I see the new growth. We had good sunny days for a while allowing the bees to pollenate the blossoms. It will be a fruitful year. 🤗😊

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