37 thoughts on “G l o w i n g

    • Miriam, Thanks for giving me your wonderful comment.
      Wrote this on the spur as I saw this Rose through the window.
      Took my phone and went barefoot into the garden to get it just then. 😊.



      • I know exactly how it goes. I’m glad you got a good shot. I do that with my photos all the time. Except when it comes to birds or butterflies, they were gone when I got there camera. 😊😊

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    • Thank you Peter for this beautiful comment.
      When I wrote ‘ glowing from within’ I had exactly the same thought as you.
      It certainly does apply to people as well.



  1. Sharon, thank you for your beautiful response. It is a prose/poem in itself.
    You are right about the beauty and resilience. Both struck me too as autumn
    really is here. The glowing message the Rose gave me I so wanted to share.


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  2. Big thanks Balroop. So you are a pink Rose woman, that is so sweet.
    The luminosity is the wonderful play of lights. Just like we can be when we
    let light fill our hearts.

    I am sure we could both have written a long poem on the subject. 😊



  3. You are so right Shiva, it needs to come from within to bring solace and
    joy. Thank you for your appreciation of the Haiku ( not a format I use often ).
    Regards 😊


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