It is dying now, we might think
watching a leaf with a big brown speckle
and curling edges;
Suddenly though, it plays with sun rays,
and shines in gold and green

The brown fleck looks like a decoration.

Watching this Rose bush I also see
new leaves and late roses opening up.
Showing that new and old
in autumn, live together in beauty and harmony.

A Wren landing on a twig
adds to the great blessing this morning.

So it is that my first lesson of the day
also becomes my blessing,
Autumn is here with its shifting hues,
Cooler but certain of its purpose and rhythm.

C / miriam ivarson


26 thoughts on “CURLING EDGE

  1. Thank you Brad for commenting. We have had it very hot here as well, unusual for England. Autumn normally starts around now but takes its time about it so there is a good period of nature turning spectacular colours.
    Then only the Ever greens remain over winter.

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  2. Ahh …, Sharon, thank you for this lovely comment. You picked up on the connection between all aspects of life and that makes me glad.
    You are so right that autumn is enduring in its impression. We have a lot to learn. 🦉 .


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  3. Thank you so much Roland, for your appreciative comment.
    I agree with you, we do rely on nature just doing its ‘thing’ . Each season provide what we expect.
    I am sure we have a rhythm within us to but often go against it.



  4. Wonderful response Robbie, thank you. I couldn’t agree more, distance doesn’t really matter much when real friendship exists. So, upside down worlds but yet not far.
    As to autumn, we have been fooled again for a while with high temperatures and sun. Mind your u, nature still gets on with preparing.


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  5. The edges curl very quickly here at the eastern foot of the Rocky Mountains. A few days ago, autumn was just a thought. Suddenly, as if overnight, it has spread its beauty everywhere.

    I love this —
    “Showing that new and old
    in autumn, live together in beauty and harmony.”

    A great lesson for humankind.

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    • Lovely to have you here Louise, and all the way from the beautiful Rockies.
      Thank you for your very positive comment and I love the way you noticed
      that stanza. 😊 .



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