White Dove and Rowan tree


White Doves and Rowan Tree

Circling above, are
Snow White Doves
against cerulean sky.

Against red Rowan berries,
Tree so huge against the heavens.

How bravely they trust their wings,
Their precious gifts.
I dream my spirit would fly
with the confidence of their wings..

So I pack a little suitcase
With all courage I can find
and take to the air.
Suddenly I think of impossibility;

And the bag spills courage to the ground.

The birds perch on a rooftop so near,
telling me not to give up, how sweet.
I pack more courage and just go,
Not thinking at all.

This time I lasted a long while,
what glory and joy
To soar for a while and know,
just feel, fear and weight dropping off.

I will practice this soaring each day,
The white doves promised to help.
You are welcome to join should you wish.

miriam ivarson



35 thoughts on “White Dove and Rowan tree

    • Thank you Balroop for your beautiful response. That you found the thoughts
      and words in sync does make me feel so glad.
      There are frequently times when we need to overcome fears.


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  1. Thank you Kim, for your lovely comment and it is great seeing you here.
    It is fun that you also liked the analogy. You are also so right that we are work in progress. As you say, that is o.k.
    I do agree about the faithful friends we share around, without it would be quite empty.



    • Roland, thank you for your beautiful response, it helped the soaring this
      glorious autumn morning. I feel strongly the need to let my spirit soar above
      in order to really see and hear life. Poetry is funny with that. The smallest
      thing can trigger us.



    • Thank you Jo and how wonderful to have you soar with me. After all there
      were a number of the doves circling. 😊 .
      The idea was given by the doves and I only tapped it in on my mobile as not to get it wrong. O.k., I edited a little after.


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  2. Miriam, I’m packing my bags … ready to try to trust my wings and soar away!πŸ˜€ A exquisite poem written with purity, warmth and wisdom; a beacon of light and hope inspired by the β€˜Snow White Doves’. Your poetry is reaching new heights, soaring away yet I never fail to be astounded that reading each and every one is as if you’re in the same room, having a mini conversation! What a winning combination! πŸ˜€β€οΈ

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  3. Annika, how wonderful to hear your strong and true voice again. I have been missing your writing.
    Thanks for this wonderfully expressed response which lifts me higher than I deserve. πŸ€— . I am particularly cheered by you feeling the intimacy of a conversation in my writing. That is what I hope for, to be near those who read
    and maybe share my words. After all, as you know, writing need be like that.


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  4. I’m reminded of balance poses in yoga practice and how thinking too much can distract us from the goal. Perhaps it is enough to know that white doves are always there above, freely offering courage whenever we are ready.

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  5. Thank you for this encouraging poem, Miriam. I do sometimes feel my heart sinking and the courage escaped me. The sagging feeling made me feel very uncomfortable and urged me to find a way to pick up the courage to move on.

    By the way, somehow WordPress made me unfollowed a lot of bloggers. I refollowed you along with at least 30 in the last 2 days. I’m on holiday and will continue to find my blogger friends when I returned home. πŸ™‚

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    • Thank you so much Miriam, your comment is so open and sweet.
      I do believe we often write about what we need to learn ourselves. Over and over again. I am so very glad if my words helped you pick up courage again.
      It is worth it, we would miss out on the glory of living without courage.

      Hope you found all your blogger friends again, WordPress can play up at times. πŸ€—


      • I agree with you, Miriam. We learn through our ups and downs. I find it therapeutic to write about it. Sharing may find some echoing. πŸ™‚

        WP is not helpful this time, said my blog has no problem. I search the bloggers from the comments and followed them again.

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  6. Julie, thank you so much for your positive comment. These doves surprised me that morning and as I kept looking I saw what was needed.
    As you say, we often need to take that courage with us. Xo


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