Spilling Over


Spilling Over

Spilling over, spilling over,
over arbours and fences
Over my Arched bench
Spilling over,

The sheer greens of spring,
every shade of green.
mostly so glowing,
with dark Fir a faithful backdrop,

Sunshine through million of leaves
Lighting each one all through,
I am exalted, in awe
and so blessed too;

First breakfast out this year,
on favourite bench,
around me Forget-me-Nots,
Lavender in bloom, golden bush too;

So much more but would you believe
Butterflies keep doing fly past in front of me,

Even they are in many hues.

ยฉ miriam ivarson



44 thoughts on “Spilling Over

  1. Now Jennifer, that is a compliment. ๐Ÿ˜Š
    I did enjoy walking round after breakfast taking photos.
    Then head in and sort the post out. Takes longer than writing
    and snapping photos.


  2. Thank you Sharon for your beautiful comment.
    No wonder at all as you say and I have spent a big part of the day
    tending to the garden and wherever I dig there are birds in attendance.


    • Diana, thank you for this happy comment. Yes, I felt almost bursting with joy and didn’t know what to do with it so wrote one of my spontaneous verses and sent it straight out to my friends in spirit.
      Soon you will have one of these moments, a morning will great you and smile at you. ๐Ÿ’•

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  3. Balroop, thank you for your kind words. The explosive arrival of spring after a long winter is astounding, reason to all the writing about it. You open the door and there it is; saying hi with a grin and ” bet you are surprised”.

    Stay blessed you too.


  4. Miriam, not only have you done great justice to the wonder that is Springtime, both in word & image, but judging by the other comments by your grateful readers you have spread the essence of all that’s positive about this time far & wide. We thank you.

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  5. Ah Nigel, I am glad to see you and always am glad for your comments.
    You say I have done great justice to spring which makes me believe you feel strongly about this time of sudden awakening too.

    It was nature that gave me this and I am grateful it used such a novice tool. Thank you Nigel.


  6. Miriam, I feel as if you’ve written a song here! ๐Ÿ˜€ Every time I read ‘Spilling Over’ I hear guitar backing … This is wonderfully lyrical, the repetition capturing the image of the cascade of flowers and blooms, the details creating a wonderful visual image and I’m envious of your heavenly breakfast spot – may the sun allow many such peaceful starts to your mornings. Your photos are exquisite, full of the aura and magic of Spring and Earth’s plants awakening in celebration. โค๏ธ

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    • Thank you Annika for your wonderful comment. I love the part about a song as I believe poems should have rhythm and even a hum in them.
      Went back and tried a melody out and after a bit it came to me. Just slight alterations to make a singable lyric. ๐Ÿ˜Š .
      Seeing your flowering garden on the last post I think you have a haven but
      we are in the same County so welcome any time. ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ’• .

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  7. Thank you Jaqui, this is one of my most favourite spots and I wrote
    this poem whilst sitting there in the sun ( with big sunhat ). ๐Ÿ˜Š
    It tumbled out…, you have to find a dreamy spot like that too. Or visit.


  8. Oh, man, I love spring! Beautiful pictures, Miriam, and a wonderful poem that makes me want to sit for a long while anywhere green leaves are fresh and new. Not here yet, though. One week ago we had a blizzard, now today we have 70F and sunshine! Crazy. Enjoy your flowers!

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  9. Beautiful poetry and pictures that bring the essence and joy of spring Miriam. I love the first line as it captures the feeling of winter finally leaving, although madly there is forecast of some snow in parts of the UK in the next few days.

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  10. Thank you Davy for your lovely comment. It was one of those Nigel calls ” tumblers” .:)
    Some news are better not listened to…selective hearing. Surely the snow
    hasn’t forgotten where the Northpole is?

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  11. The weeds were out early in Texas. Along with the tulips, bluebonnets and other early spring bloomers and the snowfall from the Bradford Pear trees was intense. Crepemyrtles are my favorites…

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  12. Your spring is probably farther along now but you were still ahead in April…A beautiful poem about a moment in the garden. I love your capture of this experience: โ€œSunshine through million of leavesโ€จLighting each one all through,โ€

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  13. Thank you Janice for your wonderful comment. I am so glad you share
    this live for the seemingly simple things in the garden. May we never take
    these wonders for granted.


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