So many faces you have!
How I love everyone,
Did you bid the sun and clouds
     to be just so today?

To show your ethereal, inner Self,
whilst the sky took advantage,
used the mirror you bestowed;
Like Narcissus admiring what it saw,

Your face on a stormy day;
fearsome, mighty drama on display,
No theatre could this attain,

The sky follows suit
clouds so magnificent, in dark hues,
At times the sun glints through

to remind who is the Star
of this eternal Show.

@ miriam ivarson


30 thoughts on “ETHEREAL SEA

  1. You are welcome B. I so understand your longing. I sat by the sea having lunch last week and knew how I missed it. It is an almost visceral feeling.
    Shall we hop on a flight and meet up. 😊🦋


  2. Miriam, I’m enthralled with your poem, and your conversation with the mighty ocean! Watching it one does feel as if it controls all, is the powerful force all around us. It is indeed as if being present at the best theatre show in the world! How can one fail but be mesmerised. I love your final lines here and how your suddenly turn to the sun … the real Star (in both meanings of the word!)! A joy to read and your photos are beautiful and ethereal. 😀❤️

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  3. Wow, Annika, thank you for your wonderful response. It lights my heart. When you say I am having a conversation with the ocean I realise that I had many such over the years. And the sky, and all there is.
    Such a show and all free. 😊 .
    Thank you for noticing the turn upwards. Without the Star ( sun ) we wouldn’t have the show. 💕


    • Thank you Nigel for your kind response.
      Yes, ” To the forces of the moon
      The sea will rise and fall
      Mystery and magic on display” 😊

      The sea, the oceans have a magic for many of us. Yes it has so many guises but all of them seem in tune with the winds and of course the moon.
      I forgot to state that I took the photos as I spent a couple of weeks on the East coast of Florida and saw and heard the Atlantic Ocean every day.

      Myself I am born by the North Sea, a wild one at times.



  4. Some pictures evoke indescribable feelings but you have captured them brilliantly Miriam. I was trying to think could this poem be as meaningful and profound as it seems, without the pictures and each word spoke to me…we stand alone as we hold emotions. The real beauty unfolds with the twist in the end…the power of the sea and the sun is ineffable. So is their beauty!

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    • Wow Balroop, thank you for this beautiful reply. I asked myself the same question, would the pictures be enough. They do tell the words to me.
      I can only think – like others – I felt compelled to share what I felt before I burst. And a number of you felt the same wonder, that makes it grow for me.

      You like the twist at the end and Annika mentioned the same. It seriously wrote itself. Or did I subconsciously observe it and wrote? Who knows. 😊 .

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  5. Miriam, it’s wonderful to read your poem inspired by the beauty and power of the sea. The lyrical quality of this poem touched me deeply and the photos of the sea and the clouds are truly magnificent. I’m enchanted by the idea of sea and sky reflecting with each other. What beach did you visit? Ethereal is the perfect word.

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    • Sharon, thank you so much for this beautiful and appreciative comment.
      I am deeply touched that it awoke these feeling within you.
      I took these photos…..and plenty more…at Smyrna Beach on Florida’s east coast during a fortnight stay in a condo there. Heavenly to just walk those beaches early morning and then again later.


  6. Although a landlubber I am always drawn to the sea, and its different moods. It demands respect and sits deep in the psyche – with that feeling of a much deeper relationship which has been lost in the mists of time but still echoes through the ages. Standing on the beach watching the waves meet the shore can be mesmerising and seems to refresh and energise the soul. Your poem seems to convey this perfectly.


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    • Thank you Mike for your strong and kind comment.
      I do so agree with all you say that I don’t want to answer only part.
      Suffice it to say I do know the mesmerising and energising feeling of walking along the shore or just stand and watch the waves roll in. Listen to the age old song and rhythm.


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