Deny Your Heart


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Deny the Heart

Friendship, love, care
are they but one?
Philia, Agape, Eros
blending to a singular Self,

one without the other
the circle is broken;
A sickle moon.

Love born by the spirit,

aren’t they part,
of being complete?

How can we then deny?
Close the heart in a safety box?
so as not to get hurt,
kill what we are
what we can be;

Fearing Life itself.

The little bird in your hand
rescued but stunned,
tender is our love,

as is holding a child,
so trusting and soft;
Who with a smile wins our hearts,

as a loved ones kiss on your neck
whilst you pen your lines.

© miriam ivarson

birds drinking

photos by miriam ivarson

50 thoughts on “Deny Your Heart

  1. Miriam, your poem is beautiful start to my weekend … my spirit soaring in the freedom of your words. Once again your introduction reads like poetry, and as you write ‘may we all find the courage to be our brilliant selves.’

    ‘Deny The Heart’ touches on a topic that affects all our lives, how we limit ourselves in this wonderful world. The imaginary is beautiful from the small bird, to a child and finally a tender kiss on the neck.

    To live a full life I belive we have to face that fear and carry on regardless! To soar …release the heart from the safety of the metaphorical box! Wishing you a precious weekend and Many happy creative moments … keep the poems coming! Xx 🌺🌻

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  2. Thanks for your wonderful comment Annika, I believe it brought the sun out.:)
    It makes my heart sing that you could see so much in this poem and
    even found the introduction poetic. Didn’t think of that but it appears that prose and poetry can mingle happily.

    I really am so glad that the poem lifted as I was worried it would seem dark.
    We all can fall into abysses and that is o.k. as long as we find the strength to fly out.

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  3. Very beautiful and oh so true, Miriam! Our hearts need to soare and be free of doubt and anxiety in order to become our true selves.
    Love the pic with titmouses!! 😊

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    • Thank you Sarah, yes we need to dare set ourselves free to experience life
      in its fullness. A daily affirmation.
      Glad you liked the photo, the two are having a nice conversation.😊 .

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  4. Thank you Ken, your answer makes me think.
    We are complete but to which degree we ourselves realise this can vary.
    Hopefully as you say, we will see with more clarity from day to day.
    And get better at it.😊 .

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    • Thank you Jen, I am glad you picked up on the message within.
      You are right, too often we deny ourselves this joy.

      I love your icon, butterflies being such beautiful creatures.
      Thanks too for the follow and a warm welcome
      Miriam 🦋


  5. What an honest and sincere poem Miriam, articulating the most powerful emotions…Fear and doubt have been the oldest enemies of mankind…they are innate, less prominent in childhood but grow as we grow up. The more we talk to them and reassure ourselves that they are just natural shields, better we become in handling them. Yes, open your heart to them and vanquish them! Stay blessed.

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    • Thank you Balroop for your beautiful response. I am glad you found it honest and sincere as without being so a poem might be clever but without
      You are of course right that fear and doubt are innate responses to danger but too often we use it to avoid taking actions we need. Then we build ourselves a safe cage and stay snug and relatively safe. Not even the birdsong can enter. 🦋.

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  6. A thought provoking poem Miriam. I have heard that there is nothing to fear but fear itself but dealing with this is often easier said than done. Most of us go through periods of anxiety and self doubt and it is sometimes difficult to overcome this – but I find sitting in the garden with a cup of tea taking in all that nature has to offer usually helps!

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  7. Thank you Mike for your beautiful comment. Yes you are right, dealing with
    fear and anxiety is not so easy but I trust that with practice it gets easier.
    Hmm..what do you think?
    I better try that cup of tea, seems to be recommended for most ills.😊 .
    In the garden sounds the right place for these thoughts.


  8. Beautiful and profound words, Miriam, that I’m sure we all can relate to at some time in our lives. Fear and mild anxiety have played a part in my life now and then. But I believe it’s up to us as to how we react to these emotions. Obviously, if we give in to them, our hearts will stay in that safety box longer. But if we acknowledge and accept that they are indeed real then we can learn to deal with them and move on.

    Life sure throws its curve balls. But, now that I’m in my fifties, I’ve come to realize profoundly whatever happens, time does not stand still. We can make the choice to stand still, to let these troubling emotions paralyze us (and they can), or we can choose to move forward just as time does. The key to staying healthy in every aspect is to keep going, and if “taking one day at a time” works as a mantra, then let it be. I live by these words now. 🙂 Thank you for sharing your poignant poem, and may we never deny our hearts…have a wonderful day! ❤🌷

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    • Thank you for your wonderful compliment and in depth response. Yes, I think most of us will be in a situation of deep fear and doubt as to which way to go.
      Sadly, whether we stay there or go forward with courage and faith, time still moves.
      Each day teaches me something new, be it a seemingly small matter or something of greater importance. All the wise learning of today is that we need to live in the Now and it does make sense and when I do everything seems to slow down and feel alright.
      As long as there is peace and harmony within we will find our way.
      A wonderful day today you too. 🌼🌈🦋

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  9. May I read this please Miriam?
    The words seem as if they were placed into the poem by heart and mind alone, such is the beauty of the sentiment conveyed. ‘Seize love at all cost’.
    Thank you Miriam

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    • Nigel, of course you can read it. You know I love your reading of poems
      on your blog. You did me honour once before and I can’t wait to hear what you make of this poem.
      Your response is lovely and thoughtful and I believe you might be right.
      The words were placed there to tell myself as well as others. Sometimes you might need to get things ‘ off your chest’. Or how would a Tyie say it? 😊


  10. This is a brilliant piece of poetry Miriam and it leaves the reader with so many difficult questions. Finding our true self comes with being in the dark and being fearful. It is when we come out the other side we realise it has made us stronger. Thank you for writing this Miriam.

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  11. Davy, thank you for your wonderful response. Maybe answers to the questions appear as we continue our way.
    How I agree with you that it is when we come out the other side that we realise we gained strength. Perhaps there is no light without dark.
    Life is to precious to give up on.

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  12. So much truth in your poem Miriam. Your words are light to guide out of the dark, they are not dark. It does take a lot of courage sometimes to be our brilliant selves. But if we take those steps we will find out just how freeing it is. 🙂

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    • Thank you Debbie for your beautiful response. I am deeply touched at your comparison to being a guide out of the dark. Maybe we can guide each other as every bit of courage can be added. You are right about how freeing it is to dare take steps that we feared. 😊 .

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  13. Thank you Robbie for your kind thoughts. Yes, self doubt when it comes to
    the creative side could be because it is difficult to judge yourself. I have been thinking, less judging and happy doing.
    I love talking to people and feel no doubt then, equally I enjoy solitude.
    Telling that I write I do hesitate about.

    We will find our way but I am sure I will never be overconfident in my writing.
    Yet I love it so much?

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  14. This is such a beautiful post, Miriam. The images complement the poem superbly. My hope for humankind is that we will wake up to knowing how fear controls us and denies our potential if we close our hearts ❤️

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  15. Thank you so much Tina. I am with you totally in this hope and know it is
    possible. There is sadly a tendency to let fear put the breaks on both creativity and trust in love. Breaking free releases much energy as well as joy.


  16. Diana, thank you for your beautiful response.
    I am glad you so strongly concur, yes it entails risk and courage to seek
    and find the fullness of life. It is worth it even if it at times bring tears.

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  17. This is a prophetic poem, Miriam, upholding my belief that life demands risks. Every meaningful act, whether learning to play piano or solving a math problem or falling in love, requires that we step out of our comfort zone and attempt to do something we are likely to fail at before realizing any chance of success. To welcome the courage to soar one must test the wings. You of course said it so beautifully.

    Your photos illustrate this idea perfectly. Did you make that exquisite table?

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  18. Sharon, thank you for this brilliant answer. You realise you then
    made me a prophet.😊 .
    Yes, in all walks of life we need to dare, to take risks. We agree the total of
    this and every time one goes through and the sun shines again it just lifts you
    that bit higher.
    I wish I could do such marquetry, it is absolutely beautiful. I only took the photo at a garden cum reastarant place on the way to Smokey mountains. I was travelling with a lovely couple from Illinois. Can you read the text as well? Great art I call that.


  19. such beauty in your words Miriam, love the images you create when a heart is free from doubt and fear. trust should be earned and i does hurt when we are in doubt of a person’s integrity, how often do we confuse that with loyalty? your photography is amazing too.

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  20. Gina, thank you for your beautiful comment and sorry I haven’t seen it until this morning.
    How right you are that trust should be earned. Without trust love will never thrive. May we have the courage that seek it with open heart, at times risking


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