To all friends out there I want to say; in a few months you will find that my poem comes true. At least part of it, the second part might remain a mystery. I would then ask: ‘Isn’t life itself a wonderful mystery revealing itself as we walk along.’


Just resting

Now the leaves are gone
the structure of the trees revealed;
strong, complex, intricate statues,
Some with delicate lace crowns.
Others with powerful arms,

all reaching for the sky.

Humbling me, who thought all was dying,
when really they are – just resting,
preparing for new life.
Standing in grace, strength and beauty.
waiting for birds and buds.

I’ve met people like that,
Old people with strong souls,
rich lives led in love,
In awareness;

Eyes shining bright.
Smiles full of mystery,
abundance of wisdom gained.
They see you, see into your soul,
their words of truth sink in,

balm on troubled heart.

May we cherish this era of trees
Of women and men,
see the beauty of their calm
with stillness and grace;

Secret smiles filled
with humour and mystique.

© miriam ivarson


54 thoughts on “JUST RESTING…

  1. Thank you Radhika for your wonderful comment. I am so glad you can feel the deeper meaning and this is what I so hope to convey always.
    You stay blessed too. 💕🦋


    • Thank you Julie for your sweet comment. Yes, we all love spring and I am no exception but winter has its own beauty and I love the filigree of tree crowns against the sky.
      I am always glad when the deeper meaning is perceived as you have done.


  2. I love the concept of your poem, Miriam – to see winter, not as the end of something but as the harbinger of something new, the renewal which comes with spring. Winter wearing a secret smile, because it knows that it is to be followed by spring and a re-awakening – all so well expressed in your poem.

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  3. How wonderful that you so deeply understood the meaning of the poem, Roland. I love the way you say ” winter wearing a secret smile” – how poetic.
    Is it then not for us to smile back and show we understand. 😊


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  4. I like that idea of just resting and preparing for new life! Incubation and growth does take time. It’s lovely when we can find times of space and retreat to allow for reflection and inner inner movement. Here’s to more ‘rich lives led in love’.

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  5. Thank you for your interesting comment. Incubation and growth, another angle and so right. Yes, maybe we need to allow time for reflection every day. I feel that to be true.
    ‘Rich lives led in love’ means a lot to me and I am glad you picked up on it.😊


  6. So beautiful and inspiring, Miriam! Your wonderful words are truly “a balm on troubled heart” my friend!
    I used to dislike winter – the cold, the grey skies… but now that I get older, I actually don´t see it quite so hard anymore. There´s something silent and good about it too, isn´t there? Thank you for strengthening my new found beliefe! 🙂 xoxo

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    • Sarah, your comment is so uplifting and kind. What a blessing that would be if one can be “a balm on troubled heart”. You are right about there being something soft and calm about winter. Especially when there is soft snow falling. Magic…..to me. I also use a lot of soft lights and candles in winter.
      We can make our own magic grottos. 😊🦋

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  7. This was a beautiful and inspiring poem Miriam. The cycles of nature show us how we are meant to be and I think in the Northern Hemisphere we get to experience the differences in the seasons. Winter, as you say, is a time for rest, a time for recharging the batteries. The modern way is to keep going 24/7 and this is opposing what nature is trying to teach us. We can learn so much from nature and our ancestors. Great post.

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    • Thank you Davy, your comment is heartwarming and picks up on my ‘ponderings’ :). You are right about having defined seasons in the North, I must say I prefer it that way even if we all moan about the cold.
      Every season has its own specific gift and they all give so much.

      I do feel the strength from ancestors very real and in troubled times can sense their steady comfort. Not mysticism, just a bond.

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    • Thanks Chris and lovely to see you here.
      I really didn’t think of age when this poem started off, I was just looking at the
      beauty of the fine branches against the sky. And other bigger trunks.
      One thing lead to another……..you know how it goes.


  8. Moving words, Miriam. Your tree imagery says so much. Some delicate, some strong; all awaiting the time of rebirth.

    People can be like that, as well, although I guess the rebirth is the next generation. I have seen how the strong (and delicate) older generation seem to produce equally special people in the next. Perhaps, like the trees, it is Nature’s way of continuing what is good about the world, and the life in it.

    Perhaps the secret smile and the mystique come from their knowledge that this is the way the world works.

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    • Thank you Peter for your beautiful comment. I am glad you can see
      the beauty of the trees in winter and knowing that they will again burst out with life.
      People does not work the same, I agree. But you see how they still live with us and in our values as well as being a strength we carry within.
      Glad you also like the smile and mystique.


  9. Wow!! 😃😃 Miriam, how do you do that? Switch the subject matter half-way through a poem, but so lyrically and seamlessly…you have already brought us to deep thoughtful contemplation of nature, its non-death, just resting when bam…we’re transported to the gifts of the older generation. Your words paint a beautiful picture of their grace, humour, dignity and pride – full of life. The final lines are just exquisite :
    ‘Secret smiles filled
    with humour and mystique.’
    A gem of a poem, Miriam and one I’m printing out to keep. hugs ❤️

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  10. Annika, thank you for your beautiful and in-depth response to my poem.
    It is very poetic and strong in its imagery. I do love your ‘bam’ in the middle when you feel I transport you from contemplation of nature to the gifts of the older generation.
    That you quote my last lines makes me proud and I feel very honoured that you are printing this poem to keep.
    Hugs ❤️🦋🌈

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  11. Winter is as enchanting as this lovely image, seen from the window. Your thoughts perfectly blend with the picture Miriam. The trees appear as beautiful as ever even when the leaves leave them, their bare branches inviting to embrace…even the sky! Another aspect…the link that we feel within, whether it is with people or nature…a mystery no doubt, to be explored.
    What a profound ending! Loved the way you have carved the link. Love and hugs dear friend.

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  12. Thank you Balroop for your comment so filled with joy and love. The way you say the trees are inviting to embrace even the sky. Exactly. I find them a friend and teacher in all season. The link within a mystery to be explored. 🙂
    How true, let us.
    Your compliment is humbly received and joyfully.
    I am glad to have you as a friend. Hug 🤗🦋


  13. Thanks for your beautiful comment. I am truly glad if these words can help
    you to stand strong and steadfast and not let adversities fell you.
    Your last words make me teareyed but also aware of how important
    it is that we keep our light bright and loving.


  14. This is so beautiful and true that nothing ever really dies. There’s always a spring. Thank you for making me think of all the people who have touched my heart – people who look at you with such love, just like the one in your photo.


  15. Sheila, thank you for your wonderful and loving answer. I am glad it
    made your heart feel the love you have and have had.
    Nothing ever really dies, you say. How true, constant renewal of the seasons and the real life within us, our love; is eternal.
    I am glad you liked and could feel this in the photo. 😊 .

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