Angels on my Path


During five weeks this summer I have had the blessing of a glorious summer break in Sweden. Staying at my Oasis in the forest and on the island of my birth. 

The beautiful nature surrounding me as well as  friends and family have all made each day magic. In the two previous posts I have given you little tasters.

Physically and mentally it has been a healing and enriching time.

Even a potentially dangerous tumble down a steep staircase became a blessing in disguise as I met more angels on the path. Both doctor and nurse gave me hugs filled with care and empathy. 

Apart from listening to the trees, grasses, blooms and rocks whispering their secrets I also met angles. Angels in the shape of people; they made my heart sing.

The strength of us all when we open the sluices to our heart is what will make this shimmering planet whole.

Let the drums from many high places roll. The strength we all possess when we open the flow of love and care is a force greater than shout.

Below is a poem I wrote a while ago when another event really opened my eyes.



I met an Angel
didn’t know at first;
It had no wings as pictures showed,
Just looked like you and me.

I was in distress and there It was
Only eyes and words set It apart,
She looked calmly into my heart,
The voice was kind and sang of love.

Suddenly stormy waves stilled
My eyes and heart filled with peace,
The boat was on right keel again
On a stormy sea, now becalmed.

How many Angels don’t we meet
In shops, streets, in a Cafe,
You wouldn’t notice at first.
Their eyes are warm and look deep,
you will know you are cared for,                      
You are known.

Their love will lift
With light step we will walk,
They have shown the stars, the moon.
Music from the Spheres fill our hearts
With peace and joy we continue our day,

Having learnt it is kindness
Not wings,
Love and care that is the mark,
The Mark of an Angel on your path.

© miriam ivarson

58 thoughts on “Angels on my Path

  1. Miriam, your poem makes one long for the forest of Sweden and the island where you were raised. You are correct about angels, don’t look for wings for angels come in many mask and occupations, the store clerk, the conductor driving a train, and when you least expect it. Thank you for such a beautiful post.

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    • Thank you JC for your generous comment. Should you ever cross the Atlantic when I am in Sweden
      I will be sure to show you at least one of the places.
      I am really glad the post rang true with you and that you also meet these surprise angels when you
      least expect it.

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    • Thank you Jerry for your lovely comment. Yes, a Good morning or what is applicable doesn’t come amiss.
      I can see it is difficult in a busy city. To pay full attention and listen is so important.
      Keep smiling

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  2. Your thoughts resonate with me so well and have refreshed all the lovely memories of Angels I have met and continue to meet…they fill our life with immeasurable delight. One of them happens to be my younger daughter whom I named Angel.
    Love and hugs for such a beautiful poem Miriam. Stay blessed!

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    • Thank you Balroop and love and hugs straight back to you.
      I thought you might like the sentiments in this poem as I follow your writing and poetry
      with equal pleasure.
      How wonderful that you called your daughter Angel. Does she like her name? 🙂 I bet she does.
      Stay blessed you too and thanks for your wishes.

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  3. Beautiful and true words, Miriam. There are more angels in this world than we will ever know. They come in many disguises, not often in a long dress, and wearing wings. This world needs them, and I sometimes think the only reason the world holds together is the glue of care and humanity created by the angels.

    Keep giving us your thoughts and poems. They are part of that glue.

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    • Thank you for your beautiful comment Peter. I agree that it is the strength of love and care that will
      make this planet survive. We all have our role to play.
      I am glad you feel my poems play a small part in spreading some warmth around and I will write as long as the voice is whispering.:)


    • Thank you Jacqui, nice to hear you. Yes, we all need a break from possible routines however good they are. I did at times question which world is real? I felt I could settle in the much smaller house that seemed to wrap itself around me.
      Big land, not so big house. Sort of just felt right. O.K. I admit that wi-fi reluctantly would need to be installed as hunting for fleeting signals makes us all look like we were practicing a totally new dance.


  4. Miriam, this is a classic poem – it deserves to reach the widest audience possible. Your words speak a simple truth of these Angels that we often fail to see, pass by without eye contact. I’m so happy they were there for you these occasions…the tumble down the stairs sounds nasty. I hope you’re okay now? I don’t think I’ve ever had a hug from a doctor or nurse – precious occasions. I’m glad the break away was rejuvenating and from this post alone I can sense your power, strength, wisdom and tenderness more than ever. Take care…look out for those angels and I’m sure you’re one yourself! ❤️ BTW, I just adore your lyrical introduction to your poems…had me copying some down, like this one –

    ‘The strength of us all when we open the sluices to our heart is what will make this shimmering planet whole.

    Let the drums from many high places roll. The strength we all possess when we open the flow of love and care is a force greater than shout.’

    WOW!!!! Wonderful writing and thoughts. xx

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  5. Mega Wow Annika. I am not sure I can fully tell you how I love your comment. You are really one Angel, spreading so much joy in the blogging community.
    Classic.! Hmm…Simple truth I feel is more applicable. However, should I ever give out a book with poems I think I know whom to ask for a review.:))

    I am almost healed now, ribs and wrist will take a bit longer.:) Just have to be more careful and ‘mindful’.
    It is so heartwarming to hear that you find strength and wisdom……in my post, so many kind words.

    To be quoted by a writer of your capability makes me proud ( and that goes before fall ) -grin -. I do really appreciate this and must agree I liked these paragraphs myself when they popped up.

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  6. Thank you Andrea, glad you found it soothing.
    Our world needs many angels and soothing words.:)
    Maybe we are all able to give this warm feeling to each other.



  7. Beautiful poem, Miriam! Reminds me of my mom, God bless her soul, who was a nurse. By default, she ended up collecting angels (people kept giving her angels as gifts). What a wonderful reminder of the kindness that exists all around us. Thank you for sharing!

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  8. Thank you Julie, I am so glad that my post could take you back to such precious memories. Many people saw the Angel in your mother so the best token of gratitude was an Angel with wings. They are beautiful.

    I am trying this principle now and today I walked out from a shop where everyone – including a couple of customers now were smiling and talking.
    I tell you, that made me walk with light step.

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  9. Thank you Molly, how sweet your comment. I promise not to let it go to my head. 🙂 . I guess that if you love it is best to be open or nobody will benefit.
    Calm….don’t you feel we learn as panic didn’t do the trick. 😊 . I am more or less recovered , thank you for asking.
    It is great to have you here and I am very much enjoying your blog and humour.

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  10. Miriam first let me tell YOU that I too share the same feelings and thoughts by all who have commented here that is the reason I have put my likes on their comments. Its good that you have recovered and are doing much better.
    Yes Angels are all over, I suppose and we have to have the eyes, ears and heart to know and recognize them.
    Let showers of blessings bring you all the joy and well being.🌷💟


  11. Thank you for your heart-warming comment, it made my heart sing this Saturday morning. Thanks also for the showers of blessings and joy. 🎼 .

    Yes, I did notice your many likes on my comments and said…wow ! Thank you Shiva, what a lovely thing to do. May this morning’s blessing be on you too. 🍁🌼 .


  12. That was a stunning poem Miriam. I have also found that angels come in many shapes and in ways and place I could have never anticipated. I love that you have found the lights in the moments of darkness. Such beautiful words. 🙂 Joanna

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  13. Welcome to my window Joanna, I am so glad to see you.
    Your comment is wonderful and makes me feel it matters to share our words and feelings. That it also rang a bell within you and you found the same.


  14. Here we go again Miriam, I’ve written a couple of short pieces on the same theme, in my case I referred to ‘the kindness of strangers’. The piece above is a clearly written by someone with an angelic soul, my favourite verse is

    How many Angels don’t we meet
    In shops, streets, in a Cafe,
    You wouldn’t notice at first.
    Their eyes are warm and look deep,
    you will know you are cared for,
    You are known.

    Beautiful !

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  15. Nigel, thank you so much. Your comment fills my heart with song.
    I am glad you liked that stanza, that is how it all started…the kernel
    of the poem.
    Amazing that yet another we write on the same theme. Must be Yorkshire.😊🦋 miriam


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