sound waves

Sounds; from the minute we are born they surround us. Comfort, lull and frighten. They will forever stay in our subconscious memory. Any trigger will set off reactions out of our control. Soothing, happy or frightening.

A loving voice, a comforting rhythm, hum from harmonious conversations can comfort and still a fractious spirit.

And so it is with lullabies. I remember my mother’s beautiful songs and lullabies as well as my father playing his mouth organ. As adult I would at times be blessed with them calling and play a duo over the phone. Tears would run with happiness. My poem below touches two sounds that still today work as lullabies for me. I would be delighted to hear from you about sounds that have made impact in your life.



What possible connection do they have?
except the effect of their sounds,
their rhythmic 
soothing pulse.

Embedded deep in my soul, my brain,
more powerful than lullabies.
Eye lids gently close 
as I drift with the chants,

of water against the hull
of clunks from the rails.

Tucked in a Cot in my father’s boat,
safely riding the waves
as he steers with steady hand;
The song lulled me to sleep.

On my first train journey at 15,
excited by all that was new;
the steady, rhythmic percussion,
carried me into Morpheus arms.

Gentle but powerful songs
grow firm roots in your heart.

© miriam ivarson


23 thoughts on “OSCILLATING SOUNDS

  1. Miriam, a very beautiful poem on this warm Saturday morning. Especially captivating to me is the train. I am so enthralled with the iron horse.

    Yes, the sounds of our lives, entrenched in the brain, will forever comfort us.

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    • Thank you JC for your warm and appreciative words, it makes the heart smile.

      So the iron horse is your special sound and maybe mode of travel. Perhaps a journey is called for.😊 . You are right, there are many sounds that make impact on us throughout life. They flood in as I am writing.


  2. I remember hearing my mom sing, “Faraway Places.” As a family, we traveled across the US frequently, and I find myself humming that song as I pack a suitcase or plan a trip.

    Your poem speaks of comfort one gathers from rhythmic noises you’ve associated traveling in boats and train. I believe these familiar sounds bring comfort to us; especially as children, when faced with journeys that are unfamiliar and a bit tense at the start. Lovely poem which brings me to my own childhood, as well.

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    • Thanks for your lovely answer. I have now been on utube and listened to BingCrosby singing “Faraway places”. Wonderful song to sing as you set off on a journey. No wonder you still hum it.

      I am glad the poem brought back good memories from your childhood. It is of course true for us all that the sounds are comforting even when you are adult.
      I was tense when I started the first ever train journey but the soothing rhythm calmed my worries. 🦋😊

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  3. While I was reading and re-reading this lovely reverie, I tried to hear some sounds that could be oscillating in my mind…I wish I could connect them with some dear person as you have mentioned Miriam. All I could hear was the sounds of Mother Nature or the early morning birds who would wake me up with their chit chat and the cuckoo who would sing louder during spring.
    Thanks for stirring some memories with this well-worded, thoughtful poem. 🙂

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    • Thank you for your beautiful comment and for taking the time to even re-read. I tend to do this too in order to enter the writer’s thoughts.
      The sounds of Mother Nature is one of the greatest and has been on my mind a lot today. It gives you both rhythm and sounds and beauty.
      So your subconscious has chosen well. 🍁🍀😊

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  4. Bees buzzing around the flowers, aeroplane engines when travelling, even the sound of a distant motorway. All can calm the spirit. But a discordant sound; a doorbell, a telephone,an alarm clock, can set the mind and heart into a turmoil. I wonder if there is something hardwired into our prehistoric brain?
    Two lovely pictures, especially the beautiful boat.

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  5. Thank you for your interesting comment. It seems that you are soothed by nature’s sound and the hum of engines. Your lullabies.
    There are of course many sounds that are negative, again varying from person to person.
    Glad you liked the pictures, happy ones to me.


  6. Very NICE – connects with most of the senses – seeing the boat and train, feeling the waves and the hums, hearing the chants of the waves and clunks of the rails. smelling the salt air and engine oils…Excellent!

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  7. Miriam, I love how you write a post about sounds and open up a discussion of this oft ignored sense! Your poem is, per your words, ‘A gentle, yet strong, song(s)’ – beautifully, tenderly written and linking two very different occasions with the soulful safe reminder of home! As always your introduction is lyrical and moving and non more so with your tale of your parents calling to you with their musical duo! Now I have tears in my eyes! Sounds are embedded in our brains and so many come to mind when reflecting this. I recall every weekend as a child and teenager, waking up to the sound of clattering in the kitchen, showers and knowing I had yet hours to sleep again…a safe cosseted feeling! A lovely sparkling post, Miriam…😀❤️

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    • Thank you Annika for your most generous and thoughtful answer. I could get big headed.:). You have a loving heart which enables you to feel tear eyed for someone’s joy. Bless you.
      I am glad that the clattering and showering wasn’t louder than you could go to sleep again. 🙂 it is special to feel that safe and hope it lingers in your life.
      Miriam 💕

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  8. A very thought provoking post Miriam and one which reminded me of my mother singing lullabies when I was young. Sounds are a great reminder of things which happened in the past. Looking at your picture of the A4 reminded me of standing on a bridge over a mainline when I was a boy (yes Iam old enough to remember the age of steam) watching and listening to the approaching sounds of an express train, waiting for it to pass beneath us and envelope us in a combination of steam, smoke and the sound of power as it sped on it’s way. Bliss.

    No i-phones then!


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    • Thank you Mike for your kind and interesting answer. So your mother also sang lullabies. All big composers wrote lullabies, sounds that go through generations.
      Now, the A4…I guess that is the steam engine? What a strong memory you have of this, ” steam, smoke and power” . Obviously made quite an impact.
      Wouldn’t be surprised if you still love the sound of it and go to places with restored engines.:) ?


  9. Welcome Jo and thank you for taking time to read some of my posts.
    As you know I also enjoyed your blog. 🙂
    So the sound of rain evokes pleasant memories for you.
    I do feel the same about soft summer rain.


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