Fly past of peace

Mankind is fighting itself
trying to find balance and peace.
Yet, in the fighting more extinction occurs.

How can killing and destruction ever lead
to peace, to harmony and growth.
It never did and never will.

Yet most of us wish to live in unity,
To sing, work and play
To see our children grow, surrounded,
yes, I say the word. Surrounded by love. 

We are all citizens of this World. 

c/ miriam ivarson

31 thoughts on “FLY PAST

  1. Miriam, a beautiful and profound poem. The world does feel more precarious than ever and the fighting is seemingly endless – one must never forget the love that unites us all. May its power and light resonate across the world. After all, most of us seek the everyday normal of life which makes it so special, ‘To sing, work and play’! Just so! Lovely to see a post from you, Miriam and please don’t wait so long next time! 😀❤️

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    • Annika, thank you for your beautiful comment, it touches my heart. I am not surprised that you also believe in kindness and love between us all. “just so” as you say.
      I won’t wait so long, it feels good to be part again. :))))


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  2. Beautiful words, Miriam. And your last verse is so powerful: “To sing, work and play. To see our children grow, surrounded, yes, I say the word. Surrounded by love. ” Emotions everyone can believe in.

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  3. Thank you for this beautiful and much needed vision. It’s a thought-provoking perspective. The vast majority of people do want peace. Brad’s comment about the corporations and (most) leaders beating the drums of war makes me wonder how we the people can bring peace. I guess we’ll just keep living peace as best we can, and sending out hopes like yours.

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    • A heartfelt thank you, JoAnna, for your uplifting and thoughtful comment. I am so
      very glad the words touched you. i so agree, the only way to peace is if we – the people –
      choose love and peace in our daily lives.


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