I rest in the arms of all memories we share,
Of laughter, joy and tears at times.
They bound us from childhood with trust;
With the knowledge of care.

“ You saw me “. This beautiful, written note
to his loved great grandfather when he passed,
from a young grandson who grieved.
Grieved his hero and friend.

Can it ever be greater than that,
To love and see deeply the soul inside.

c/ miriam ivarson

30 thoughts on “YOU SAW ME

    • Wordsworth, the English poet of the Romantic period, wrote, «The child is the father of the man. » Your poem reminds us that the grandchild is a double blessing of love. It connotes a chain of responsibility and care.

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      • An absolutely wonderful comment and thoughts, thank you. I totally agree with ” Wordsworth” and I also say, let the child always live within us.
        You say ” It connotes a chain of responsibility and care “. Wonderful thought and one I wish there would be more of. It is beautiful and rich.



      • Yes, Miriam, good point. The young and old may seem to observe more deeply (the young without life experience to back up their intuitions and findings, as are the old, if they are also wise), though some of us are made that way and have done so all our lives. Blessings to you! xob

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  1. Miriam, a beautiful poem and don’t we all long to be truly seen, for others to see our true selves, into our souls. I was immersed in your poem from the very first line of the tender and thought-provoking ‘I rest in the arms of all memories we share,’ Wow! Stunning image and incredible emotion! xx

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    • Thank you for your wonderful comment, dear Annika, I am deeply touched. The line you quote was the first that came to me and how this warmth and care encouraged us to see as we were also seen. x

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