Fly past of peace

Mankind is fighting itself
trying to find balance and peace.
Yet, in the fighting more extinction occurs.

How can killing and destruction ever lead
to peace, to harmony and growth.
It never did and never will.

Yet most of us wish to live in unity,
To sing, work and play
To see our children grow, surrounded,
yes, I say the word. Surrounded by love. 

We are all citizens of this World. 

c/ miriam ivarson



A Cymbal that never rings out
A violin that never sings,
Objects of beauty that lost their voice.

Birds on a branch in silence
People who never laugh
A world dying within.

May we see the light again
See it spread warmth and smiles,
The birds will sing
The music heal pain.

May we then all understand
That kindness and care fuel life and joy.

© miriam ivarson