Can You Hear

Can You Hear

Can you hear them. Million voices
calling out in fear and pain,
Can you feel their agony;
Their loss of hope and faith.

Can you hear them calling
as sickness sweeps the world;
As bombs drop and missiles fly.

Can you hear their pain?

Can you see them,
the suffering and dispossessed?
Can you tell why it should be so?

Words turn to a trickle, a whisper
As another tragedy hits mankind, the Earth.

Is it then wrong to remember, we only have here and now,
so let us hear the flowers sing sweetly
part of nature’s orchestration.

May one day we hear the million voices sing;
Singing songs of freedom and joy.
Call me a dreamer if you wish, so be it.

© miriam ivarson

39 thoughts on “Can You Hear

    • Thank you, Sharon. I can hear the sadness in your words too.
      These questions have been with me since I was a girl and believed I could help to change. Now I feel so small and realise better what is behind.
      I am glad you liked the photo.


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    • Thank you, Barbara, for your beautiful comment. I am glad you can see
      the hope and peace I believe is possible. I believe it is possible if our choices are made with respect and love to all.



  1. And a light came through to every soul hidden in darkness under solemn skies and it was good and just. And bliss invaded the land… Here comes the sun…

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  2. Miriam, a powerful anthem for the million voices! The start of your poem pulls me in immediately, I tune my ears and my soul to the cry, to the despair! With poetic flair you capture the pain … and then lead us gently to seeing the light within nature, to allowing the dreamers of the world to make a difference! A poem I keep coming back to read and each time finding hidden depths and wisdom. You have a natural gift for the poetic form and it’s fascinating to follow your journey as you muse turns to new themes! Your work is always a wonder of surprises! Xx❤️

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    • Annika, your comment is so filled with depth and beauty. I am filled with joy reading your words. Thank you my friend. You seem to feel what I felt when I wrote the poem, there is much pain but we must always see the light as well. And hope and love among man. That you re-read my words make me feel honoured.
      Your words are so beautiful that I stand humbled. 🙂 x


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  3. Loving the last two stanzas, redeeming as they are. For we cannot shift paradigms without focusing on what we want the world to look like. At the same time, the old/Patriachy kicks and thrashes as it is dying. Thus we must acknowledge the tremendous pain inflicted upon others in the drive to possess/consume/dispossess. Blessings all around. ❤

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  4. Your words are poignant and exceptionally beautiful, Miriam. We need the dreamer to take us in the direction of joy. “…we only have here and how…” is a constant necessary reminder for me. Thank you for sharing. ❤️


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