I feel pain, my tears fall
as pictures show the terror and angst,
of children, women and men
Bleeding, terrified, confused.

Their pain is indescribable and all this
Because of one mad and power hungry man.
How do these murderers get so far?

How did they get so many to obey,
Answer us now, why and how.

Did they follow this bully turned killer?
From the schoolyard and on,
are they so scared that a NO

might make them victims too?

Sun is shining this morning and I watch
people walking their dogs, children go to school.

It isn’t so difficult to live in peace
So Why?

© miriam ivarson

Can You Hear

Can You Hear

Can you hear them. Million voices
calling out in fear and pain,
Can you feel their agony;
Their loss of hope and faith.

Can you hear them calling
as sickness sweeps the world;
As bombs drop and missiles fly.

Can you hear their pain?

Can you see them,
the suffering and dispossessed?
Can you tell why it should be so?

Words turn to a trickle, a whisper
As another tragedy hits mankind, the Earth.

Is it then wrong to remember, we only have here and now,
so let us hear the flowers sing sweetly
part of nature’s orchestration.

May one day we hear the million voices sing;
Singing songs of freedom and joy.
Call me a dreamer if you wish, so be it.

© miriam ivarson