Shimmering Globe

Shimmering Globe

Are we both vulnerable and strong
however contradictory this sounds?
Fragile in a world of dissonance
Yet strong in our love of planet Earth.

Its extraordinary patience and beauty
in spite of human’s foibles and selfish ways.
Are we destructive, yet also dreamers?

Did we lose our way; our purity
in hunt of falsely glittering symbols?
Did we forget the joy of a touch, a smile;
The comfort of a shared laugh.

Don’t think we are masters of this
shimmering globe;
Our home among the stars.
We are but a blessed part.

Let us live the dream of harmony,
Harmony between oceans, land and mankind.

© miriam ivarson

35 thoughts on “Shimmering Globe

    • I am glad you liked my poem, Balroop. Just imagine, we are all, each one,
      responsible for this planet. I know I asked us many questions, maybe I felt the strength of love for Earth just then.


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  1. Nature does have amazing regenerative powers, Miriam, and a way of balancing things out. Hopefully humankind can learn to help instead of hinder and learn that we are part of nature, not independent from it. Thanks, as always, for you beautiful, healing words. –Curt

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  2. I go back and forth, how much of the mystery is part of the necessary road we must travel to understanding… everything is part of the whole and therefore necessary even with the pain caused by the misunderstanding. But then?

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    • Thank you, JC, for your intriguing comment. Could it be that mystery feels so because we are not yet capable of fully understanding. There seems to be more questions then answers ……



    • I am so glad to hear how you share my love of Earth, the incredible planet
      we have the honour to be part of. The more of us that live the dream of harmony each day, the more we find peace between Earth and us.


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