H o l d i n g



Holding steady, holding firm
Love and care binding.
Floating through air, on waves,
through fears and joy.

Holding, never let go.
That is what the dream showed,

what a dream to come true.

Caring, seeing, holding with respect,
never greedy. Forming a bond of safety,
a circle of love.
A circle unbroken by storm or sun.

Could this dream be reality
Could we divest negativity and angst?

Seeing deep into each other’s souls
knowing them as they were our own,
Real soulmates, forever friends.

Daydream or real, it is for us to decide.
How do we want to lead our lives.
What choices do we make?

© miriam ivarson


41 thoughts on “H o l d i n g

    • Thank you for your lovely comment, Radhika.
      Yes, eventually we learn cause and effect but meanwhile we learn from the pain of wrong choices as we shine with the positive ones.

      Through it all, we live a life that matters.



  1. The photo captures it for me, Miriam— the mist, the crashing water, the roaring sound and the two people holding hands, relishing it and saying ‘bring it on.’ Life is something to be lived, to be appreciated and to be shared. Love is indeed the answer. –Curt

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  2. Wow! Miriam, what an incredible dream and beautiful poem it inspired. Your thoughts are profound as you ponder true and absolute friendship, who we actually are and who we present to the world.

    “Seeing deep into each other’s souls
    knowing them as they were our own”

    What a gift this is to those who experience such soulmate relationship & friendships, cossetted for life in this shared awareness.

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    • Annika, thank you for your wonderful comment, it makes me glow. 🙂

      In your last paragraph you say: ‘ cosseted for life in this shared awareness’.
      you really summed it up. How wonderful that would be.
      Just imagine that we could see that deep and love that deep.🤗.


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