Dear fellow scribblers, writers, authours and poets. Whichever title
we choose, we share the love of words and believe in their power.
We walk this beautiful Earth together – Star dusts as we are.

One, nowadays quite mundane experience we share, is the joy or stress
of economy short haul flights. I do fly many of these within Europe and especially to visit Sweden. Using the practice of non-thinking
mode helps. Just shuffle forward, stopping, shuffling…
Eventually sit down in your seat and visualize the relief of stepping off at the destination. 

It was on one of these flights that I unexpectedly experienced what 
became the poem “ Per Universum”. Such a quiet and smooth boarding.
What a blessing that flight was. 



I flow through universe,
It flows through me.
Can’t say where one starts,
Or did we always belong?

I am It and universe me.
extraordinary feeling, at 36000 feet,
safe and warm.

Three monks in row behind,

Journey flows, in peace.
Universe is me, I am It.
Oh to keep this surety;
36000  below.

where  I meet problems, tempers,
unformed thoughts.
Yet mindful of angels on the path,

who also flow through universe,
In  tranquil unity.

They are everywhere
I see clearly;
We make up universe,
Angels with spirit
Clear and kind.

Through universe we flow
and It through us.
Ever increasing harmony.

© miriam ivarson


50 thoughts on “PER UNIVERSUM

    • Thank you for your kind comment Bernadette.
      You are right about modern flights, often a very stressful experience.
      I cannot explain what overcame me but the athmosphere seemed different.
      I didn’t ‘think’ the poem, it seemed to come from another level of consciousness .
      ~ miriam

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  1. Miriam, such lovely words composed while in flight. Even the idea of these thoughts so high above the earth, even before reading the poem, imparts a kind of serenity, perhaps the meditation you noticed, from being above the fray. I think the trick is take the same sense of universal peace back down to the ground when you land. That’s a very difficult task. But your poem reminds me – it can be done.

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    • Thank you Sharon for your deep and thoughtful comment.
      I must say that the three monks dressed in their simple robes and sandals
      instilled a stillness as they with gentle smiles proceeded down the cabin.
      Not so easy to keep in the fray as it felt then. As you see from my lines I
      wished we always could. Each day might bring a success.😊 .
      ~ miriam

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  2. Beautiful, Miriam. An experience to treasure for always.
    When more of us-humans come to the realization that “through universe we [all] flow,” we will be able to come together to work towards conserving life on Earth, our home in this Universe.

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  3. Ahh…Rosaliene, what a wonderful comment you have given.
    I am honoured with the way you understood and went beyond. How we humans can come together and conserve life on Earth which is our treasured home in this Universe.
    Thank you. 🌻
    ~ miriam

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  4. What a lovely poem Miriam…flights, especially long ones evoke a thousand emotions if we could gather them in words! You have rightly said…”Universe is me, I am It.”…a spiritual connection! I wish we could bring that harmony and peace within each one of us! 🙂


  5. Thank you for your lovely comment Balroop. Flying more than many
    transports disconnect you from Earth but not necessarily from stress.
    This poem became totally spiritual I think, it just happened and that was
    so far a one off experience.
    Harmony and peace within is what we dream to achieve as a daily state
    of being. 😊
    ~ miriam


  6. The wonderful experience of flight is that it disconnects you from the trivia of the earthbound. No cold-callers, no final demands from creditors. Just you and the elements. It’s just a shame the experience can’t be brought back when we land again. Perhaps it can be(?)

    “Oh, I have slipped the surly bonds of Earth,
    and danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings” (High Flight, John Gillespie Magee)

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    • Peter, first a thank you for the beautiful quote by John Gillespie Magee.
      I must check his writing now and will save this quote.

      My first ever flight I really felt I wanted to jump out and touch the clouds.
      It was a thrill all through the journey. Today’s aviation is not quite that relaxed most of the time. Still, we fly on silvered wings.

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    • Thank you for comment. Yes, enlightening in many ways and I wonder whether we have a lot of this stuffed away within us whilst we partake in the
      noisy and sometimes gritty world. Possible.

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  7. Wow! Who would think that such a simple act as a stress-free boarding of a plane could lead to such a profound and thoughtful poem. Miriam, this is exceptional in its beauty, spiritual depth, exploration of ourselves and our place in the universe. As you say in your introduction we are ‘ Star dusts’! Pure magic! Peace resonates throughout as we accept our state of one with th universe and its angels!

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  8. Annika, thank you for your beautiful and deep response and for taking the time to read the poem in such depth.
    For the duration of that flight our place in universe felt so clear and natural and it filled me with peace. Yes, we are one of all angels here, we are all children living on this shimmering blue planet.
    We are all Star dusts and do not need to fight each other.
    Hugs 🤗 and bless.
    ~ miriam

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    • Thank you Shiva and it is lovely to see you around again.
      I am not so sure I would say I was thinking as the words came to me
      and I even questioned them after writing. After a bit I felt their peace
      and eventually dared send it out to you all. 😊 . 🎶 .
      ~ Miriam


  9. What a beautiful, spiritual write, Miriam, and one that came to mind while in the air. It’s amazing how and when inspiration finds us. We could all use your words to provide solace when in stressful flying situations. I love the line, “yet mindful of angels on the path” which offers reassurance for us here on earth. And the connectivity of all you have conveyed is profound. We continue to pray for more harmonious relationships.
    ~Lauren 🌸

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    • Lauren, thank you for your wonderful and deep comment. I so agree with you about how amazing inspiration is. It finds us in the most surprising places and isn’t that wonderful. Why? We will not know, I still see myself as a mere tool.
      Maybe I should offer the airline to have a printed version for each passenger. 😊.
      I love the way you see the connectivity, for that I am grateful. With practice we might see deeper and more angels…🦋💕 .
      ~ Miriam

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    • Thank you for commenting Jaqui. Like you I have booked flights for July and August.
      If I could take a train I would but it doesn’t work well on the North Sea.
      The big passenger ferries which were great have stopped…..
      You have fun.
      ~ miriam


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  11. Thank you for your comment Julie, glad you could feel the flow from the words. This experience surprised me even more as it was a short haul
    economy flight.😊 . Little do we know what feelings is within of around us.
    You have a great week too and we will see what else we meet.
    ~ miriam

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  12. What a joy to have had an experience like this whilst flying Miriam. That it came in such unexpected circumstances must have made it all the better. Your beautiful words are testimony that spirit exists everywhere, even among the trials and tribulations of budget flying. Thank you for sharing your experience with this poem and getting the week off to a great start.

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  13. Thank you Kate, I am glad you felt that peace and harmony.
    I haven’t found that it is thought that gives access…quite happy to be proven wrong. It seems that the more open we are to vibes and triggers around us the easier it happens.
    ~ miriam


  14. Thank you for your comment Jo. It is wonderful having you along this
    particular flight as the harmony within and the stillness outside combined
    to release thoughts and tensions and let feelings flow freely through me. 😊 .

    ~ Miriam


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