Ferocious Ego

Mingling among the festive crowd,
a party in lively swing,
I was struck by the conversation
or the lack thereof.
Many had much to say,
louder and louder.
Few did listen nor respond.

A greedy entity ruled,
Ego was its name.

Happily the triffid fed
Growing, thriving,

Unhindered it will expand,
causing damage untold,
Including wars, suppression, greed.
Given the chance.

Unmask this mutant called Ego,
Stand it naked in clear light.

Take a daily inventory
of our inner selves.
Our aims, our thoughts;
so we can stop.
Ego’s mushrooming growth.

As long as it rules
We will never live:
Just exist in the future,
The past
In more.
Never now.

© miriam ivarson


41 thoughts on “FEROCIOUS EGO

  1. Wow! Miriam, an incredibly powerful poem striking at the heart of egotism – the hold and sway it can take over our lives. As always you draw me in with the smaller, innocuous event of a party and paint a picture of a scene I’ve often witnessed, leading to feelings of exclusion. You description of Ego is brilliant and raw, yes, a triffid even! It is responsible for so much more than boring parties and you list the causes very well. I had never thought how it fails to live in the present … perhaps that place is all too real? A stunning post and one that leaves my emotions reeling, my thoughts running deep. I love it when you surprise us with your various poems … can’t wait for the next one! Happy Weekend, my friend! 😀❤️🌺

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    • Annika, you leave me speechless again with this beautiful and deep comment. The day egotism takes over a life that person will be deeply unhappy, as will others around.
      That you call my words about Ego brilliant and raw makes me proud. I wanted to show something I witnessed far too often and by giving it a persona we are able to look from outside…so to say.

      I hope to surprise more times but might be more gentle next time.😊 . Who knows.
      Happy weekend to you too, it is a sunny one here. 🤗🦋❤️ .

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    • Thank you Paula, yes it is heartfelt and I like you thinking it bold.
      Must admit that I was holding this one back as it is different from my
      normal posts.
      It seems that the truth we all speak, that we should write from the heart
      is true. 😊. I keep spouting this myself.

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  2. Just like Annika, I have never thought of the ego in terms of living in the present. But upon reflection caused by your poem, I realize the past and the future are the food that my ego feeds upon. Wonderful post.

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  3. Bernadette, thank you for your beautiful answer, I feel heartened by the depth of the comment and thought you put behind.
    How refreshing isn’t it to be in a social group where all have time for each other and take in what is said. It is like a nourishing meal.


  4. Jaqui, thank you for your kind comment and I am so glad you enjoyed this
    poem which has been waiting to see the light a long time.
    As to oxymoronic I had to go and look it up, I admit to never having heard it
    before. Something new to learn every day.😊 .


  5. A powerful poem Miriam, the one that would stir many.
    I know this imposter too well…I call it the younger sister of arrogance and is pampered well by him as she speaks to him in hyperboles. You have so rightly observed…’few listen or respond’…such is the spell that ego casts on people! It is quite challenging to make it ‘stand naked’ as it gloats even in that form…only self-analysis or introspection can calm it down.

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  6. Thank you so much Balroop for your great comment.
    There can be many reasons for this destructive behaviour and one could
    possibly be lack of confidence. Scared of not being part of the group.
    There is normally also one person eveone courts. A charismatic person who doesn’t need do much but give some clever answer here and there.


  7. You’ve examined a lot about how people react to certain social situations. I think we behave as if we are wearing masks when we’re at parties, getting louder and more ridiculous to cover the insecurity we feel. I get quieter the bigger the party, retreating into my personal shadow where I feel safer even if isolated. Ego makes an aggressive stand but often screws up by not paying attention to others. You’ve captured this dichotomy well in your poem, Miriam. Lots to think about here.


  8. Sharon, thank you for your kind and considered comment. I wouldn’t say that I directly examine as much as observe or rather feel. Over time it filters through and you start seeing with new eyes.
    On bigger scale I see the same power dangerous as too many just follow to be in the ” right” company.
    On a personal scale I normally find some who also like mutual conversation and there are always somewhere to sit or a deck to stand in more privacy.



  9. You have written a powerful poem, Miriam, and one that speaks to us all. If only more people would “listen” instead of letting their egos take control. Our world would be a more peaceful place. These lines stood out, “Unmask this mutant called Ego, Stand it naked in clear light.” Then it would be seen for what it truly is and its ramifications on all facets of life. Wonderful writing and message. 🌷

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    • Lauren, your strong and positive answer brought a tear to my eye.
      Listening to each other and take in on a deeper level is a great courtesy
      bestowed. I am sure we are all capable if it wasn’t fear of not belonging
      to the right circle. May we stand strong and free.
      ~miriam 🌻🦋 .

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  10. A powerful and thought provoking poem Miriam. Ego is something I think we struggle to come to terms with and, although it is part of us, there is a fine balancing act to control when it is useful or destructive. I think it was Freud who referred to it as the conscious part of the brain. But, as you have eloquently described in your poem there is a culture today where the ego drives and controls many people. I don’t know whether this is linked to the fascination to be liked, linked with much social media. This will have me pondering for most of this week. Excellent poetry.

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    • Davy, thank you for your deep and interesting answer. Ego is indeed part of ourselves and is the distinguishing factor from others. Healthily working it is really the “I”.
      Part of what I write about is when this ego goes awry. It follows a crowd that is ‘in’ to be part and through them grow. It could also be a weak ego trying to be part, just to belong somewhere. You are right, there is much to discuss and a deep issue.
      The phenomena in my opinion has always existed although media will make it faster growing. Whichever way I feel we diminish ourselves by being part of this growth.
      thanks again Davy
      -~ miriam

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      • I agree Miriam and I think part of the balance in life is trying to work with our ego in a healthy way. It seems people who are artistic have the greatest battles with this and there is a long history of artists (from many genres) who have been destroyed by their egos. As you say a fascinating subject.

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  11. Tiny, thank you so much for your kind comment. Funny that you picked the party scene, it was after some such that it really hit me so strong. I had seen this over years but there came a moment of clear truth.
    I wrote several poems on the subject but choose this one for my post.

    ~ miriam


  12. What a powerful poem this one is Miriam. “Ego” just a tiny 3 letter word, but has the potential to mar relationships beyond reconciliation. Like you so well said, it is so important for us to take inventory of our inner selves and weed it and nip it in the bud!

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    • Radhika, thank you for your very positive answer. I am so glad you liked
      it. There are those who’s egos are so inflated they might just take off.
      and than you with your fun comment of nipping in the bud.
      Like a little bit of gardening.🤗 .

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  13. Thank you Julie for your thoughtful comment. Yes, the fall-out around
    such behaviour is extremely harmful.
    The more of us who see any tendency in ourselves can as Radhika said above..nip it in the bud.

    I consider the hangers on in those circles dangerous in as much as their lack of self confidence makes them hang on to the stronger and feel I am o.k. now. I belong. Wrong.

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  14. A completely different door you’ve opened here Miriam and yet I hear the same passionate voice, the same concern for all, that could only come from a soul who walks song-lines.
    There seems to an exponential rise in what I would describe in clinical terms as a narcissistic personality disorder which is thought to be largely induced by nurture. A constant need to feed the ego is a hallmark of this condition, and sadly it perpetuates itself as the Narcissist uses his/her children as a vehicle for their own aggrandisement which in turns causes another generation. As it is largely built on a feeling of insecurity and feelings of lnadequacy, the media and marketing world etc play a significant role.

    Great post & poem, thank you Miriam.

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    • Nigel, a big thank you for this wonderful comment, it touches me deep.
      Yes, I never forget my songlines my friend and passion is what we need to
      write poetry. You know that better than me.

      I love how you continue the discussion about this egotistically driven behaviour. I do agree with you about narcissistic behaviour from parents ( nurture ) , insecurity, aggrandisement. So many reasons and serious ones.
      It also follows that a harmonious and loving home will foster well balanced people.
      You are right about a new door, at least for the posts. Many things are sitting
      In a corner whilst decision is taken – yes, I dare. 🦋 .

      ~ Miriam

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