Who Are We


Gales, hurricanes storms are passing through our lands as Autumn vigorously – too vigorously at times – shakes all in its way.

Cleansing the trees from dead wood, sadly also the live. Picking up a car here and there and depositing them almost playfully upside down. Picking up Oaks, Poplars and Ashes; casually throwing them around. At times on our abodes. 

The sea in its frightening wild dance is doing the same, cleansing itself from debris as it dances with the Wind. Its power is stunning and in awe we stare, silenced. 

One picture from the news stay in my mind. Miami skyline against a huge ominous black cloud. The mighty buildings, the frontage of the city, looking so small and helpless under the ferocity of this force; hunkering down it seems.

So many of us feel fear and helplessness at this awesome display of nature’s strength. How small we can seem in spite of all that has been achieved. 

I wrote a poem a while ago, comparing nature’s way with ours. We are “Oh so clever”, but need to find harmony with our planet. This jewel in the universe.


Who are we

The ant busily follows the track along
Building its stack high as a hill,
with dedication, purpose and innate skill.
The bird builds whilst singing his song
picking mosses, twigs, building soft and strong.
Butterfly shimmering, hovering quite still
listening to flowers by the rill.
All at peace with where they belong.

Man sets forth with bluster and brain
to conquer and build with might,
not knowing they cause pain.
Ignoring creatures and nature’s plight.
instead, work in harmony, unchained
Sail with the wind, create with delight.

© miriam ivarson

25 thoughts on “Who Are We

  1. It’s very true, the battle between man and nature. Have you noticed that man always produces his best, most sublime, work when he forgets himself and becomes one with nature, with the world?

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    • Thanks for your comment Peter. There does not need to be a battle of course
      if we ever worked in harmony with the powers that are. After all that is the only way for the planet to prosper and us to be happy.

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  2. A beautiful post…

    Nature is the original pair of opposites for, in her great beauty, she also displays great destruction. And we find that for every storm or earthquake the earth is readjusting, shifting just as the tectonic plates, when they move deep in the earth help produce water.

    There is a primitive tribe in South America that believe their sole purpose is to make sure the sun rises and sets. There is great beauty in the respect they give the universe.

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    • Thank you JC for your comment. I am quite taken by this South American tribe
      although I doubt I could be that still As you say, there is beauty in their respect.
      Isn’t it wonderful to think about all the wonders we can and are part of.
      Miriam 🦋

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  3. The battle goes on. Your post reminds me of a Rilke poem I translated a few years ago:

    Sonnets to Orpheus – Part II – 10

    All we gained is threatened by the machine
    so long it assumes being in spirit, not in obeying.
    The fair, hesitant gesture of a radiant hand unseen,
    it wilfully forges ahead, cutting sharper into stone.

    Nowhere does it slow down, for us to win distance,
    and remain oiled by itself in the silent factory.
    It is life – it claims to know best about living –
    and with equal resolve will order, create and destroy.

    Yet to us, presence remains enchanted, our origin still
    at a hundred thresholds. A playing of pristine powers
    that none is moved by who does not kneel in adoration.

    Words still softly dissolve before the unspeakable state,
    and sounds from most resonant stones give form and
    gather music, ever new, into the unmade.

    Rainer Maria Rilke
    Translated by Ashen Venema, 2008

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  4. Dear Ashen, I am deeply touched by this beautiful compliment. I do like Rilke and admire her writing.
    To be compared to this Sonnet is wonderful for me. It was the first poem I wrote in the Sonnet style and Rilke does indeed talk about exactly the same issues in our world. Beautiful translation, poems are never easy to translate.

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  5. What a beautiful and very apt poem for today’s challenges. Glad you have seen through the worst of the storm but I fear if we do not bring some balance on this ‘jewel of a planet’ nature seems to be unleashing more extreme weather throughout the globe. Here we wait for the rain and in Southern Spain it has been so hot and dry, more so than it has been. The summer temperatures climb up each year. Good to find your blog too. Have you come. Across dverse poets. If you like writing poetry it is a good way to share.

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  6. Thank you for your kind compliment. The poem looks at the organised ease of little creatures compared to the organised intellectual dis-ease of man.
    Yes you are right, we need balance in our actions or our “jewel” will suffer.
    We do not want another Sahara in Spain, do we? 😊🦋 .


  7. Miriam, a beautiful post and poem with wonderfully atmospheric photos. The serenity and balance of nature is captured lovingly in your first stanza and then comes the blundering brute of man in the second – a terrific contrast. Your language is exquisite and lyrical and this works brilliantly as a quasi sonnet. As always a reflective, thoughtful introduction … yes, may we find the balance in the ‘jewel in the universe’. Wishing you a lovely, peaceful weekend! 😀❤️

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  8. Annika, thank you for your awesome comment. I feel as if I were handed a review from a kind professional. I am so glad you enjoyed my offering this week.😊 . I have strong memories from being a girl and sitting high on a hill looking out at sea pondering nature and us.
    Feeling how small we are and yet part.
    Wish you a beautiful weekend too.
    Miriam. 🦋💕


  9. Thank you so much for your lovely comment Bette, it warms the heart.
    It is said that perfect does not exist but we can but strive to reach beauty within and out.
    Nature fascinates me, it is constantly delighting and teaching
    Miriam 🦋❤️

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  10. An interesting post Miriam. Nature often reminds us just who is running the show. We arrogantly state that we must save the planet, when in fact we mean save ourselves. After all Earth and Mother Nature were here long before we were and will be long afterwards. Our time should be spent working with and respecting Nature and not the opposite.Perhaps one day the penny will drop. I live in hope!


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    • Thank you Mike for this wonderful response.
      Your message is strong and firm – yes, Mother Nature was here long before us.:)
      Continue to live in hope; we all should.


  11. Thank you David,
    Didn’t want to make you feel “unproud ” 🐝 .
    We carry all the elements within us…I think.
    Being a human we have a choice, choice to create ,
    to foster peace and harmony.
    You are going that road yourself.


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