In our writing we draw inspiration and ideas from nature, people we meet and events in our lives. 

Autumn is now entering and as it advances our surroundings are painted in new and glorious hues. Somewhat rudely Autumn also disrobes so many of our trees that for months have been laden with green in so many stunning shades. A total transformation takes place on a daily basis. A show by mother nature to us.

On that note I want to share a poem with you.                                        

Soft cream and coffee

Dancing Leaves

Like happy feathers they danced
The autumn leaves.
gold, brown and red.
Such a happy dance, it seemed;

As if death was not sad at all.

Can’t say I am advanced enough,
to meet death with the beauty, 
Of the leaves.

      Lacking their peaceful surety
      Of after; 
      Of destiny.

This morning the trees have given,
a lesson so serene.
Maybe one day I will see death
With the ease and the light of the leaf.

© miriam ivarson


39 thoughts on “METAMORPHOSIS

  1. Miriam,
    What a treat to wake up to one of your poems. You take on a subject that is uncomfortable for most of us and compare it to the beauty of fall and thus renewal, for everything dissolved comes back as we glide onto the path of eternity… jc

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  2. Autumn is such a beautiful season Miriam…it evokes emotions, it feasts the eye, it speaks without a word, a myriad messages of beauty, of life and re-birth.
    Beauty personified, Mother Nature smiles at us and each time she does, I go crazy clicking pictures.
    Yes, I agree…death couldn’t be sad, she seems to suggest. Lovely reflections!

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  3. Thank you Balroop, I am smiling at your joy and enthusiasm in this so colourful season. Yes, Mother Nature smiles at us both knowingly and lovingly so you just go on clicking pictures of all these colours and shades.


  4. Miriam, a beautiful and contemplative poem. Your description in the introduction had me smiling with: ‘Somewhat rudely Autumn also disrobes so many of our trees that for months have been laden with green in so many stunning shades.’ The cheek of Autumn!! 😀😃I love the tenderness and gentle swirling of your thoughts as you watch the leaves…from the simplicity of these dancing natural phenomena to our mortality and reaction to it. There is a certain peace in ‘As if death was not sad at all.’ when describing the leaves, which is not matched when considering one’s own demise – in the process echoing nearly everyone’s feelings I”m sure. With your deep spiritual core, I have a feeling you might achieve that light and ease…a poem that brings light into the darkest of matters, forcing us to face these thoughts. Brilliantly written. ❤️🍁

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  5. Annika, thank you for this overwhelming comment. Professional in its charachter and loving, giving my poem such depth of understanding.
    Indeed, the Autumn is cheeky…😊🍁 …..
    As to you sensing the spirituality it makes me glad, exactly how I felt.
    I guess that contrary to the leaves we have a sometimes burdensome intelligence that asks too many questions.
    Our emotional intelligence is often lagging behind.

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  6. Mother Nature and dogs both seem to have their way of showing us the natural way of accepting the renewal of life and death and life. Your poem evokes that perfectly. I have read and reread it several times. Beautiful!

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  7. Thank you for putting the circle of life so elegantly. I find a comfort in that. The thought that perhaps some day a beautiful bird will hatch, in a soft and safe nest, in a tree that was nourished by the remains of my eventually worn-out body. Eventually all physical life recycles.

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  8. Thank you for your kind comment.
    I have noticed how comments show deep thinking among blogger friends.
    Of after
    Of destiny
    Where does the soul go? This deep essence that is our consciousness.
    To this there are many answers and theories and yet we don’t really know.
    Could be an exciting discovery.


    • I agree about the soul or spirit. The great unknown that lies beyond is, as you say, exciting. Every faith acknowledges something beyond death; I suspect even agnostics have a desire to continue. I guess there is only one way to find out!


  9. A very beautiful poem and pictures! The change of seasons always comes too early for me, especially when it changes from summer to winter. But like you say, we have to accept the inevitable in the end…


  10. Thank you Sarah for your lovely comment and glad you enjoyed the pictures and the poem. Two first pictures are from Sweden, the last one from the garden in England.
    The seasons do seem to have a fast and merry dance with us. Winter has a bit to wait – I hope:)


  11. A friend died last week. He approached death with “the beauty of the leaves” and called us to his side to say one last goodbye. I’ll share this poem with his family and I thank you for the words I didn’t quite know how to say to them.

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  12. Dear Claremary, I feel deep gratitude if my words can be of comfort to anyone in losses like these. I got tears in my eyes when I read your beautiful comment.
    Would you please send my heartfelt sympathies to the family.


  13. You would have loved our Fall at the cabin several years ago: the leaves froze before falling and when they did they made a heavenly tinkly sound. Mesmerizing.

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