Lavender Bear



How many of us I wonder, have planned a post we really think will be good, only to be thwarted at the last moment? In “To a Mouse” Robert Burns says “ The best laid  schemes o’mice an’ men Gang aft a-gley,”

Well, I have a short record in this blogging world but so far three out of five planned posts have been pushed aside by another eager idea.  Amazingly powerful voices that play havoc with our schemes/plans.

This time it was for me a poem I had almost forgotten; it might start out sounding childish but it also has a deep question for so many of us in our Western society.

As to childish, don’t they all live inside us; the little child, the teenager, the adult and on we go. I find they are all  very alive and content together and I cherish them all.  One without the others would be a life in a box.

So it is that I today give you “Lavender Bear”.


Lavender Bear

In the small hours,
when sleep eludes,
we sit together, Lavender Bear and I.
A candle lit, softening the dark
him doing exercises whilst I sip,
a warm drink, wondering;
Where did Morpheus go.

Has body and mind lost
the simple contact, harmony,
Rhythm between nature and man?
Does the brain suffer superiority complex?
When will it ever learn its place.
Universe just is and so am I.

Lavender Bear sleepily agrees.

So we look for the off button,
Together listen to silence,
soft hum of sphere’s song.
Without duality
Being its eternal self.

Gently we settle again,
Lavender Bear and I,
To listen, to learn.
From Cosmos itself.

© miriam ivarson



34 thoughts on “Lavender Bear

  1. That is one deep and meaningful poem. It touches so many thoughts. I agree with the brain and its superiority complex; it should learn to shut up sometimes. To sit quietly; you, your candle and your bear. The last two lines could well be a recipe for a happy life:
    To listen, to learn. From the Cosmos itself

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    • Thank you Peter for your in-depth reply.
      I am so glad to hear that it touched a chord inside you.
      May today be in harmony and let the heart and soul
      rein supreme.


  2. Poetic and beautiful with much wisdom in the silence between the words. My best times are when I can sit in silence. Thank you for this at the beginning of my day… jc

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    • JC, I am happy that my poem and writing lit your morning. Isn’t this what we all try to achieve with our writing?
      Wonderful that you found wisdom in my lines and between, at times it is just there, staring us in the face.

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  3. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful poem with us, Miriam. I’m so glad you have Lavender Bear to join you on your cosmic journey! His serene presence shines through and the sense of tranquility evident in your poem. I love how it starts with the everyday event – of not sleeping and then how you make a cosy place for yourself and your trusted friend. Then you delve deep into our spiritual soul and being in this Earth. Simply glorious and so moving and delightful. A gem of a post, Miriam that’s stayed with me all day! 😀❤️ Looking forward to your next post, be it the planned one or not!😀😀

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    • Annika, you really have me speechless again, a habit of yours.:)
      It touches me deeply that you found so much of succour in my words.
      It really makes writing in these wee hours worth while…..apart from it being
      peaceful to myself and my newly elevated Lavender Bear as we continue this cosmic and earthly journey. They seem to dance together. 😊❤️

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  4. Thank you so much Elsie for thinking of me. I feel honoured.
    You were kind enough to nominate me on one before but I just wasn’t sure
    whom to thank and how go about it.
    I will really work on it this time and there are so many fascinating blogs out
    there that I should find some that want to be involved.

    Mystery Blogger…..makes me smile.
    Have a wonderful Sunday

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  5. Thank you Andrea, you have done my poem honour by seeing deep.
    Peace and acceptance – I like that, most of the time that is the only way to live a fulfilling life.
    You can live with too many ideas 😉 , so can I. May they never dry up.


  6. I love this, especially the last part on listening and learning from the Cosmos. We could learn so much if we listened to nature more often. I love the sense of peace that comes through in this poem too. It makes me want to hug both you and Lavender Bear.

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    • Thank you Sheila for your wonderful comment. Yes, wouldn’t life be so
      much richer if we all could be in contact with cosmos – Life each day.
      Your wish to want to give Lavender Bear and me a hug was a blessing this morning and will stay with me in my heart.
      Let me hug you back Sheila.🌻🎶

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  7. Love the gentleness and sense of peace found in your poem. We all could do with the Lavender Bear to help us listen and learn from the Cosmos itself. A meditative piece!

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  8. Khaya, your answer is so much how I feel at these times.
    Instead of twisting, turning and worrying I make a hot coco, light a candle and
    meditate . Then it is often easy to write. Flows.:)

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  9. Really enjoyed your poem Miriam, and it certainly got me thinking about how we can forget the simple pleasures in life as we rush hither and thither – looking for what? In retrospect the meaning of it all can often be found while sitting in quiet contemplation of your own surroundings and the company you keep.

    Must go now – lots to do!


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  10. I really like this piece Miriam. On one level there is simple childhood comfort, yet as children we often can see the wood despite the trees, often a more simple thought process is needed. On another level it feels as if you’re accessing your inner self by projecting parts of you onto the bear. Of course it is all subjective and personal interpretation but that is what for me a great poem is.
    And this is in my opinion a great piece with far greater depth and meaning than is apparent at first read.

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  11. Wow Nigel, I do love that you came to have a look. Thank you.
    Your comment is valued highly. And you are right, I just re-read it and can see clearly what you say. Poor Lavender might not know much about
    the Sphere’s song and such.


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