Let It Pour

Let it pour

They tell me, just write
wonder whether prose would be best,
How can a poem suffice, and yet

I am looking at a sky that shifts and delights
It can’t be captured with a click.
The colours transform and so do the shapes,
All ethereal but never the same.

And how can you portray the swifts flying
with such speed and delight,
Forwards and up and down.
Singly or in almost a murmur.

Suddenly the sun painted a few clouds
in delicate golds and purple,
I bet when I look up, they will change again.

I forgot to tell you about the winter trees
Stretching their dark branches high,
against the backdrop of eggshell and pink.

Would it be that we need to look more,
to drink it all in

to find joy, to find us.
Then let it pour out.

© miriam ivarson

34 thoughts on “Let It Pour

    • I am glad you like my words and understand the deep connection with nature. I know you share this feeling. Of course there are so much more that touch but nature is so true. We are of course also fascinating in all our uniqueness. 🌈.


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  1. “To see we must forget the name of the thing we are looking at.”- Claude Monet. The sky is not sky, the tree is not tree. A touch of orange edging pink into a forever blue overhead. Greens from deep to light, diamonds shining through above craggy shadows encased in deep gray browns. Don’t try to find a name, challenge yourself only to see and the muse will handle the rest. Just write is always just right.

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    • Phil, thank you so much for your intriguing comment. How great is the quote
      by Monet. Yet he painted nature so stunningly. I guess he saw the colours
      and didn’t give them name.
      Would you believe, I do paint too and often just go for the feelings for what I paint. 😊. How to do that in poetry? I will try to just let go. Stop thinking maybe, as I did in the beginning.


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  2. I agree Miriam… how can we capture so much of beauty? Words seem insufficient yet we try and you’ve done it so well! Colors and shapes change within seconds if you look at the sunrise and sunset… only sensitive souls could describe them the way you’ve done. Love your poem. 🥰

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    • Dear Balroop, a warm thank you for your beautiful comment. You are so right
      in saying words seem insufficient. I saw the sunset just now and felt moved to tears. You are very kind in your compliment in the end, can you see my smile 😊. 😘.


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  3. Miriam, you are already following your own suggestion here and thankfully letting your words pour out, your poetry capturing the wonder of nature itself, sharing the magic moment with us. As so working within the creative arts you raise a question that seems impossible to answer – how to capture the ethereal, that which is above art, words, photos … yet it is not difficult and l ‘we need to look more, /to drink it all in /to find joy, to find us.’ Thank you for guiding us! Thank you for sharing your beautiful and thought-provoking poems with us. Wishing you a wonderful rest of the weekend! xx ❤️


  4. I think I’ve spent most of my life reading prose because I felt like getting through a book was a bigger accomplishment for the task master in my head, but reading poetry is pure enjoyment. I need to do it more often (again being a taskmaster maybe!). Lovely words.

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    • Adrienne, a deep thank you for your warm and interesting comment. I used to read prose – books – all the time and felt lost without one on the go. Still do. It is a joy to me that you liked my words. Poetry can be a difficult form as every word should count, no extras. 🙂 Of course, good literature is the same.



      • I remember in school that we would have a portion of a few weeks set aside to study poetry in class. I don’t think that was the best approach. It would have been far better to have poetry going right alongside literature and history. More of us would have seen the connections and it wouldn’t have left so many students feeling like poetry was for a few elevated people.

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