Write, my friend, write
Let your heart pour forth,
with honesty tell your truth.

May your words always be interspersed
with threads of gold,
weaving life, shining into your thoughts.

Into your woven cloth.

With silver moon beams,
Do the same
let them shimmer in dark corners,
lighten your mind.

These threads of gold and silver rays
Represent love and hope;
Without, your cloth will dull and die.

Once created, keep it as your mantle,
Your blanket;
So you will never forget,

The importance of light

Β© miriam ivarson

29 thoughts on “THE MANTLE

    • Dear Balroop, thank you for your beautiful comment. It brings joy to my
      heart. The words poured forth just like that. I do agree that gold and silver threads make good metaphors.
      Thanks for your sweet wish and I wish the same for you. Let them shimmer.


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  1. Miriam, wow! πŸ˜€ This is a wonderful poem and should be an anthem to all writers! You have taken up the mantle and wrapped it well and truly around you as you weave your words with finesse and grace, light reaching into the darkest of corners … thank you for teaching / reminding us about the importance of light … a beautiful and gifted poem and as you opening stanza invites us … I will go and write and trust there is always truth in my work! Happy weaving with words, my dear friend! Xx ❀️

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    • Dear Annika, you are pouring so many light and shining words over me that I both smile happily and blush.
      β€œAnthem to writers” 😊. That now would be a true honour. You are a spontaneous and true writer and I believe this shows in the depth and joy of your writing. Yes, You shine, Annika. Thanks for this extraordinary comment. β™₯️.


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  2. We’ve now made it past the vernal equinox Miriam. Each day there are a few more minutes of light to celebrate. Each day our northern world responds with more green, more life. Spring is here and with spring, the blessing of renewal, the blessing of light. Thank you. –Curt

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  3. Thank you, Curt, for your light and uplifting words. For a while we have noticed how every evening is lighter and to top it we β€˜leapt’ an hour forward this weekend. So suddenly even more light in our day and evening.

    And springs responds every day, as you say, with delight and new buds and flowers. I so agree, a blessing of renewal. 😊 .


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  4. “With silver moon beams Do the same
    let them shimmer in dark corners,
    lighten your mind.” Thank you for this image!
    Wishing you a mind of light and a spirit of moon beams!

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