Unravelling Emotions

Unravelling Emotions

I am in shock with all this relaxation
my friend said to me this morning;
Startled I thought, how could that be?

Could all the tight knots have unravelled too fast,
causing emotions to swing – all lose;
Even a bit giggly or softly smiling

As again she could feel, happiness and breeze.

It took a long gentle sleep filled with dreams,
Dreams of clouds forming shapes in the sky
of walks on soft sand along the sea.

No frightening numbers filled the morning today,
just joy of being, simply being alive.
To see white doves on neighbours roof
and small birds busy feeding in the garden,

On feeders my friend filled last night.

Β© miriam ivarson

37 thoughts on “Unravelling Emotions

  1. I’ve been there Miriam! When two friends meet, emotions do fall out, knots open themselves and this relaxation is special. You’ve captured those inexplicable feelings within few words and white dove is a beautiful symbol. Well-done my friend. Stay blessed.

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    • Thank you, Balroop, for your in-depth comment. There are indeed many
      situations where situations or relationships can unravel. Either leave us in more despair or dangling on a string, free.
      May there be a white dove to calm. Thank you for your beautiful compliments. Kind words are like balm. 🌻


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    • Thank you Fireword for your great comment. You have understood the poem
      and its inspiration totally. The first line was exactly what my friend said to me
      two days ago. It set me off. I am so glad you liked it.



  2. Miriam, a wonderful poem and your deft light touch dances around the words, the detail saying so much. I am in awe of your gift! Oh, I can well relate to your friend and no wonder you wanted to celebrate the moment – it sounds one of utter bliss. The dream sounds heavenly and maybe one can float on those ethereal clouds to just such a beach! πŸ˜€ At a time when we are constantly bombarded with horrific numbers of deaths and cases, the simplicity of the white dove is a reassuring sign that life does indeed go on, that we can concentrate on living for a while, letting go of fear. A beautiful poem that reaches my heart and soul – I’ll let it settle upon me and try to absorb its tranquillity! Hope all is well with you, Miriam. Take care! hugs xx ❀️

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    • Dear Annika, thank you from my heart for your wonderful response to my poem. I must say you make me speechless. With your usual ease you turn this into a beautiful review. I can see you floating on these clouds and walking on the beech. Like so many of us you have probably and am feeling the dark and the light around.
      I am glad you are absorbing the tranquility, it is a blessing.
      I am doing o.k. , thank you 😊, although the world just now is more confusing than usual. β™₯️. Hugs πŸ€—.


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    • Thank you so much for your lovely words. I do love the Whte Dove too and am always stilled when I see a group of them together. May blessings and healing energies be with you too. πŸ¦‹.


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