T I M E / L I F E

T I M E / L I F E

I remember when I became Ten,
two digits instead of one.
The cake glittered with candles
I filled my lungs and blew them all out.

Making a wish to become hundred
and wear a big white hand crocheted shawl.

Perhaps I would need help to blow the candles out.

Then there was sixteen and twenty-one
not to forget the growing in between and forth.
As time flowed by, I felt sometimes it stood still
at others it skipped like a brook.

Plans fell through for some events,
replaced by a new surprise.
Life just is, Is.
Flying high or sinking low.

A journey of miraculous dimensions.

on Earth, through Cosmos it dances.
Magic beyond belief.

ยฉ miriam ivarson

50 thoughts on “T I M E / L I F E

  1. I love how we take time and give it our own meaning and label then to find out like a river flowing it moves on and on like we do on our own adventurous path. Then to discover it bends in space thanks to all those astroeto all hthosethoseastrophysicist

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    • Thank you so much, JC. I am glad you enjoyed my poem and the events and turns time and life takes us. Wonder whether I ever will reach that white shawl celebration. ๐Ÿ˜Š. Hmm… well, the saying goes โ€˜ Time fliesโ€™.


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  2. Sorry my Parkin fingers get in the way but you catch my meaning All of life comes back to you because time flows and curves so after this adventure is over there Is more to come …jc

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  3. Miriam, only you could take us from your tenth birthday to the Cosmos within a few stanzas, in between the wonder of our lives captured with beauty and skill! Here is to a continued long ‘journey of miraculous dimensions’! Thank you for teaching us how to look and appreciate every moment of this adventure of life! hugs xxโค๏ธ

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    • Annika, thank you for your uplifting and beautiful comment. In your first sentence you point out what I have done. I laughed so tears streamed. You are right, from a ten year birthday party to Cosmos in a quick leap. I swear it didnโ€™t occur to me. ๐Ÿ˜‡
      It would be a wonder if we could appreciate each moment of life ….or at least most of the time.โค๏ธ.


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  4. A wish of 100 made me smile Miriam. I love to fly with wishes but realism pulls me down and makes me reconsider them. Life is what we make it yet it takes its own course, making us wonder…how time flew by! Lovely reflections.

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    • Thank you, Balroop, for your deep and thoughtful comment.
      I am a realist too although I often come through as a dreamer. I believe they can co- exist. How dull wouldnโ€™t life be without dreams.
      Life certainly does take its own course as the world experiences now and with private plans as well. Yet it is our most dear possession.


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  5. A bit of positive magic in the world, is what you offer Miriam. I was rereading “The Power fo Myth” this morning and Joe Campbell said, “I don’t think we are seeking the meaning of life; I think we are seeking the experience of being alive.” There is magic in being alive. It’s about as close to miracle as one can come. Thanks again for your beautiful and thoughtful imagery. โ€“Curt

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  6. Thank you for reminding me it IS a ” journey of miraculous dimensions….Magic beyond belief,” to be lived and enjoyed as such. I think when we enjoy the dance, our creator smiles, maybe even dances with us!

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