You wonder what the two pieces
of driftwood
means to me.
They had casually been thrown up on the shore.

Pieces of beauty that travelled far
they have so much to tell
Of oceans, people, fear and hope.

If I were a painter with the fame of Van Gogh
I might paint it so you could see.
It is not just discarded wood.

They were polished by life
Roughened by salt and sand

Battered whilst still in human domain.

I shall sand them, gently polish
with natural oil.
Then make an honoured corner with
Driftwood and shells.

© miriam ivarson

photos by miriam ivarson

21 thoughts on “TREASURES

  1. Miriam, a superlative poem to start my weekend! 😀 You’ve given the pieces of driftwood a voice and a hint of the precious and amazing lives they’ve seen, captured the magic inherent in everything around us which normally we take for granted! Yes, do polish these pieces of driftwood and give them an honoured corner in your home … it seems you have many beautiful shells to join them! Happy Weekend, my friend! Hugs Xx ❤️

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  2. Ahhh …, Annika, how beautiful your comment sings. Thank you. You express so much of what I feel, these driftwoods have a lot to tell. I used to collect pieces around the coast of the island where I was born. Treasures.
    You are right in that there are many treasures around us. We need to still our mind and just see .. or feel.
    Shells now, of those I have many beautiful and interesting ones. 💖🌻.


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    • Thank you, Roland, your comment warms my heart. We can find treasures everywhere, to me it was by the sea as I grew there. For you maybe the moors….., the main thing is we see the beauty around us.


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  3. “They were polished by life…” Indeed such treasures speak of their journey, which can only be interpreted by a sensitive poet. I am glad they inspired you Miriam, to write a beautiful poem in their honor. Lovely!


  4. Such a lovely poem, Miriam, and I love these lines:
    “Pieces of beauty that traveled far
    they have so much to tell
    Of oceans, people, fear and hope.”

    You have brought those pieces of driftwood to life, and oh, the stories I’m sure they could tell. I can just imagine them all spiffed up and polished, resting in a cozy corner with shells in your home.

    Beautiful and I hope you’re enjoying your weekend,


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