32 thoughts on “STANDING TALL

  1. These beautiful words and the vastness of it all doesn’t make me feel small and insignificant but stronger and hopefully because through our brain we have the power to know this time and space. To embrace, it and all the knowledge contained within… This is how Apollo 11 got to the moon… we did the math… jc

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  2. Your wonderful comment makes me stand as tall as the flower. Nothing is insignificant in our universe so neither are we as humans. Through our brain and through our heart we can do just as you say – embrace it all. Be what we were meant to be.
    Thank you Jeff



  3. What a glorious poem. I’d only change one word–and that’s me. I see the ocean and it lifts me up so instead of “achingly”, I might say inspiringly (is that even a word–oh–I’m a writer–I can make words up!).

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    • Thank you Jaqui for your beautiful comment. Glorious is quite a word. ๐Ÿ˜Š .
      The sea and sky are indeed inspiring in so many ways. That day, the beauty
      was so much that it hurt to try and hold. So beautiful it brings tears.
      So the word stays sweet friend.



    • Thank you Balroop, your comment has touched on a very emotional line.
      For me the ” achingly …….” is the pain you can feel when joy and beauty at times can be too much to hold.

      Poetry opens up immense possibilities because they are there, for all to be observed if we take the time.

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