Dignity in Storm

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Dignity in Storm

The Poplar, so statuesque 
reaching for the sky,
in its richness and elegance;
Fearlessly risking a great fall.

The spruce, so mighty,
more yielding in its strength;
Dancing its wild dance, 
in rhythm with the wind.

Beautiful are the Birches
gracefully bending down,
Letting storm and gusts pass;
With ease rising up again.

Sacred are they all
in their acceptance and grace;
I see them as part of us
and we of them.

Opening our minds and hearts
we give the trees;
Recognition of their own selves,
their sacredness and dignity.

As they give the same to us.

© miriam ivarson


33 thoughts on “Dignity in Storm

  1. Standing among trees, I am calmed and reminded how small I am – and that’s as it should be.
    Your poem conveys the wonder of trees and why we are so mesmerized by them. Everyone should go out to see the trees every day.

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  2. I love trees! Let me share a story with you. We were at the cabin in early Fall when we heard a tinkly, heavenly sound. We went outside to find its source and discovered that the poplars where shedding their frozen leaves, making music as they descended and touched each other. Magic just for you. B


  3. First, wonderful to see you back B.
    A big thank you for the magic you gave me to share. I can see it and hear it. What a precious experience.
    A tinkly, heavenly sound. So beautifully said, next you will write a poem about
    the experience.
    Hugs ❤️



  4. Your poem reminds me…”Trees and men are alike,” said Ruskin Bond in one of his stories but the similarities have been narrowing with the passing storms that mankind has witnessed. Trees still stand tall and majestic, sharing all they have unlike man who in his ravenous race has been trying to conquer nature.
    Your poem sings the glory of trees, dwelling on their grandeur and grace despite all the storms that they have to bear. Well done 🙂

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    • Balroop, I wrote a long and in depth response to your beautiful comment yesterday but see it missing as I check through this morning.

      I am so glad we share the honouring and respect of nature and the magnificent and healing trees. We will never conquer nature, it lives in harmony with Earth. If we learn to do the same our lives would be filled
      with strength and calm.

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  5. Miriam, yes I beleive the simple act of recognition is what’s needed from each other and between all things as your lovely poem recognizes. Just think what this simple act would do to the defence industry? I also like the majestic names given these great giants of nature.

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  6. Thank you for your response JC. These giants are majestic in all ways and deserve names to honour them.
    Yes, recognition between each human being, of nature and from are the basis for harmony, peace and love. May we all take time to listen to each other deeply and listen to the whisper and roar from nature.

    People working in the defence is part of the same rule. I guess there would be no wars if we all cared and listened.



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