Lines in the Sand


I did post a rather serious but hopefully positive poem last week
so felt that something gentle and warming was in order.

As it happens there was a prompt some weeks ago and I felt tempted 
for the first time; I must admit that I have only written three poems
where the title was given. This prompt though rang well with me. It was called “ Lines in the Sand”.

My version is romantic and hopefully will warm your hearts. 


Lines in the Sand                                   

We drew lines in the sand,
you and I
after walking hand in hand
along the ocean front,
seeing so many wrinkles in the sand;

Lines that little waves made.

Our hearts filled with song
as our eyes met and held,
deep and questioning,
but shy of our love,

looking at life forms in the sand,
angel crabs, shells and such,
all the while wondering how to say;
I love you.

A stick of flotsam, no two
drifted in to the strand,
we picked one each
And wrote in the sand,

I love you.

© miriam ivarson


57 thoughts on “Lines in the Sand

    • Thank you Sharon for your positive comment. It can indeed be daunting to
      say ” I love you” , especially when that feeling comes from deep within.
      Small actions can at times say more than words. Combined they are strong.

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  1. A delightfully gentle and romantic poem, Miriam that touches my heart. The warmth of the your words floats over us all, as we follow the couple in the beach, watching the ‘so many wrinkles in the sand‘. How perfect that the two sticks are there to help them express the words they cannot utter … tender and moving!

    The images match the post wonderfully and yours is a magical seascape composition on shimmering purple!

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    • Thank you Annika for your beautiful comment, I am so glad you liked the poem and followed the walk. Yes, isn’t it magic how these sticks appear just when they are needed. Imagination can create quite some dreams at times.
      I am also so glad you liked the images. It isn’t always easy to find something suitable. 💕🦋 .

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  2. Lovely thoughts Miriam. I am moved by the first picture…so rare and unique! Love is like sand, slipping away unawares yet even few moments when one can say those magical words are enough! 🙂

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  3. Thank you Balroop, I am so glad you liked the picture and the poem.
    Love deeply felt can be strong and enduring. I feel it all depends on the
    foundation on which a relationship is built. 😘 .


  4. Just loved the poem Miriam – simple words which mean so much and three special words which are the most important in the English language.
    If only they were applied and followed more in this world…

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    • Thanks for your wonderful response Mike. Sometimes it is the simple
      words that speak from the heart. You are so right about the three most important words.
      They come with more caution when they really mean so very much.
      Or easily thrown out but not from the depth of your being when not really meant.


    • I agree Miriam. I thought that Bishop Curry was saying exactly what all people on this earth need to hear, believe and, more importantly, act on. There’s a lot of lip service to “loving-kindness”. As a human, with an ego, I continually have to remind myself to be loving . . . even when I’m irritated. Ain’t always easy.

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  5. A beautiful and warming piece of poetry Miriam. I love the feelings and images your words evoke. Is there anything better than being on a beach with a loved one and sharing that oneness with nature? Thank you for providing this great start to the week.

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    • Davy, thank you for your generous comment and I am so glad that the poem
      evoked positive feelings and images. To walk a beech is special I feel as you have both sea, earth and sky surrounding you and as you say, provide
      the feeling of oneness with nature.

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  6. This is beautiful. I love how you’ve turned the thought of lines in the sand into something romantic, when a line in the sand can have negative connotations too. It’s much better to turn it all around with love.

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  7. Miriam, You’ve beautifully captured that moment, when one or both, suddenly ‘know’ and have an overwhelming desire to express their feelings but it is a knife-edge because such a thought expressed is a make or break thing. Either it’s welcome and reciprocated or not, and not usually ends whatever there was. Tread careful young lovers !
    Thank you Miriam.


  8. Nigel, thank you for your wonderful comment. It is great that you can feel
    this moment so strongly through my words. It just occurred to me that it is
    a sort of ” knife-edge” when you send out your writing into the ether.
    A bit of your heart every time. See, another poem on the go because of your comment.
    Now, young lovers….they are often as clear as older ones.😊 .


  9. You wrote a beautiful, romantic response to the prompt, Miriam, and the photos are perfect for your words. A heartwarming poem that touches all who have fallen in love and experienced that first, “I love you.” ❤

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    • Thank you Lauren for your sweet comment, it makes me happy that you liked the combination of words and photos. You are right, without having known love it is difficult to imagine those breathtaking moments.

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  10. Julie, thank you for your happy comment. Like all of us I love sharing and to hear how all the people in the village feel about my words… I like to listen to yours.
    Walking the beach, yes…why does that sound so good.💕 .

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