To dream the impossible dream, is that what we do? All of us who believe in  harmony among people on our Planet?
Who dream of of peace for Earth itself?

I am a dreamer and in spite of some shrugging shoulders I intend to remain so.   

I have an inkling that the majority of people share this very  dream. It might seem futile to an observer of world events but we have to look closer at all who surround us in our daily life.
At all who join together in joys and sorrows. Who give a supporting arm when needed, a caring word for a fellow being, a smile for those we meet. 

We feel the bond that links us in spite of different world opinions. We inhabit this Earth, we need each other.

There is much cruelty in our world and sickness of mind. The more I observe people around me I am however convinced that the majority believe in the good in man and dare display it in their daily life

So let us make our voices heard, express ourselves, each in their own way.
Spread sunshine and hope where we go.


A FLOWER TO BEHOLD                               

May all the world’s leaders
around the table,
Be given a flower to behold.
To study in silence, fifteen minutes or more,
its delicacy, serenity and peace;

Quieting anger and unrest.

Don’t let ego, hunger for power and greed,
stand in the way of creating a world,
Fit for all.
Listen to people of the world,
open your hearts, your souls;

Can you hear their hunger and dreams,
Hunger for beauty, peace, meaning and truth.

Allow us all to shine like the flowers,
in tune with creation;
End the wars, killings, cruelty.
Free every child, woman and man.

Embrace humility, quietness, love
so you can hear, can understand;
Abnormality of wars,
don’t trample on life
don’t crush it to death.

The alternative is grim;
Obliteration of this Earth,
Death to a wondrous gift.
To dust you will turn us all.

An appalling and shameful deed

© miriam ivarson


49 thoughts on “A FLOWER TO BEHOLD

  1. I love the message in this. I am amazed at how so many of us are clued in to this new way of relating, with such pure love. We connect and share this dream. Not all people will agree, but I hope our frequencies will lead us to find one other. Let the ones that do not dare dreaming, sleep while living! All the best in 2018!

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  2. An important message and a fascinating concept, both beautifully conveyed by your words. If only poets and others of high emotional intelligence called the shots.
    Hugely enjoyable post Miriam, thank you.

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    • Thank you so much for your wonderful comment and support for a concept that might seem “childish” but to me is the only way forwards.
      Yes, we need people in all walks of life to join and add their strength. As you do now. Thanks for your compliment Nigel

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  3. I enjoy your steadfast vision… it is a beautiful one that we all need to fearlessly embrace. The image of world leaders holding a flower… in fact the whole poem should be read at the UN.

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    • Janice, I love your comment. The poem read at UN…..with all the leaders holding a flower. Wow…what a vision.
      I wrote this poem quite a while ago but was too much of a coward to put it on so you calling it ‘steadfast vision’ warmed my heart.

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      • Hello Miriam and Janice. I just love that image of all the world leaders at the UN, holding a flower, while this poem is read out. If only it could happen, there would be a good chance of real world peace. We can but keep the hope alive. Keep writing like this Miriam; the village is growing, both in numbers and in strength.

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      • Thank you Peter for your very positive comment. It is indeed an interesting image with possibilities. I agree with you, we must not lose our hope and I am so pleased to hear you remember my poem about Our Village.
        Yes, together we can make it so, let the light shine.


    • Thank you Rhadika for your lovely comment. It would be a great joy if we could see at least spring. If you consider how big proportion of mankind who
      want to live in peace it is amazing how the balance goes.🦋🙏🎼

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  4. Miriam, such beautiful words and a hope and a prayer for what could be or might be if humankind could raise himself above his own ignorance. Some days I have faith in our better angels to deliver us and other days I believe flowers will talk before politicians will ever stop and listen and embrace the art of listening to nature. But all we can do is hope and pray. And through the words of Gandhi, be the change we want to see.

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    • Thank you JC, I loved the quote by Ghandi” we must be the change we want to see. ” Perfect.
      It is easy to lose heart at times when matters look dark but that is when we need to light our own light yet again. It beats living a life of negativity.
      Flowers have a beauty and stillness that sort of speaks by just being as nature tend to do.


  5. Phil, thank you for your thoughtful message. You are right, one person alone can’t effect much change but to use your phrase ” if we ALL light up..” we can be a life force on this planet.
    I am glad you also liked the pictures from my garden.😊


  6. Miriam, your words and poetry are so refreshing. This community provides a light in all the darkness and it is through excellent and beautiful words like this that we can keep a candle of hope burning. I often think if these world leaders spent 10 minutes a day in nature, beyond their egos, then they would realise what their real purpose on earth is.

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    • Davy, thank you for your generous and positive comment. It makes my
      heart sing. Yes to the spending time in nature but the benefit here is to really
      look, to take into your consciousness what really matters.
      The few leaders who have led the way without ego are held high long after they are gone. You can name them as well as I.😊

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  7. I wish people could look at the flowers…how much they smile…how much radiance they emit…how they warm our hearts…not to mention the fragrance and color they add to our surroundings… and give all this selflessly! There is a profound lesson in each element of nature…only if we choose to behold!
    Thanks for the sublime thoughts you have shared through your poem Miriam. Love and hugs. 🙂

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  8. Thank you for your very beautiful comment Balroop, it is music to our ears.
    You are so right, nature has a profound message but only when we choose to ‘ behold ‘. 🌼 .
    I am so glad you liked this poem as I was hesitating before posting.
    Love and hugs to you too dear poet


  9. Thank you for your wise comment. As to the wide audience, this is no longer in my hands but to reach some heart will cause more ripples.
    Wish you a good year too.


  10. Yes, let us dream what might seem like the impossible dream.
    Dream big, dream high and have faith and hope.
    Thank you and thanks for the follow. It is lovely to have you here


  11. A flower to behold! What a beautiful message and imagery, Miriam. May we all do our small part to make this dream a reality ❤ I wish you happy, healthy and peaceful 2018.

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    • Thank you Tiny for your wonderful comment. I am so happy to see you also feel we all need this do our part. 😊 .
      Thank you for your good wishes and l so wish you health and happiness. ❤️

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  12. Miriam, a wonderfully serene post, oozing with wisdom and beauty. The photos are a delight and the flowers shine with beauty. I can just imagine a room full of leaders given one of these flowers to observe! What would their reaction be? How true that most of us seek peace for ourselves and our family and friends…we can but hope that the goodness of this will have an ever-lasting impact.

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    • Thank you for your beautiful comment Annika, it lights up a stormy morning.
      Yes, I did imagine a rom full of leaders, a very polished table, pads and sharp pens at the ready. To then be given a flower each and asked to study it for long, no talk, no phones or laptops. Would there be a shift in awareness?

      Yes Annika, we can hope and we can spread this peace around ourselves wherever we go.

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  13. What a wonderful poem, Miriam! Beautiful flowers, and I like the idea of taking time to really “see” the wonder in them. The sentiments in your poem–YES! So much, yes! I pray that more people will seek peace this year. Peace and kindness. Have a great weekend!

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  14. Wonderful Pamela, that my words could make you warm in the very wintry weather. 😊 . That makes me feel I could deserve the word friend. Beautiful word that carries responsibility.
    Peace to you and yes, peace to all. ❤️


  15. This is a wonderful idea. Am also reminded of Quaker business method where silence is incorporated into achieving action that is in accordance with God’s will not each individuals or for the greater good if the word God seems wrong !

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  16. Thanks for your strong and true comment. One thing I like about the
    Quakers is this custom of sitting in silence. God is not wrong, it is his accordance they are seeking.
    May we all seek love and peace.


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