As I worked in the garden this morning, thanking flowers, leaves,
bees and birds. And so much more.
Thee was such a stillness around – a silence of contentment, of
knowing where you belong. Knowing who you are.

I felt again the strength of the truth, we are all part of the same
planet, the same universe. We derive nourishment from the same Earth.
Our intelligence is also part of the universal intelligence. Complex and
yet simple.


or so we think
and yet we struggle to give,
easy and open smiles like a dewy rose,
Happy sounds like the birds gave me today.

Smiles as open and true as a child’s
Trust and care to those we meet.
A bird on the door handle
Fresh air drifting in.

So simple and yet so heavenly.

© miriam ivarson

28 thoughts on “SIMPLE THINGS

  1. Miriam, your introduction and poem is a powerful and beautiful reminder of the Simple Things in life. Often we over-complicate, over-think our lives, events and wow, it is an incredible sensation of ‘knowing where you belong’. I love how you capture the wonders around you, smiling at the bird on the door handle. The flowers are wonderful and the corner with the rose bush looks magical! Wishing you a lovely weekend, my friend! xx ❤️

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    • Annika, thank you so much for your wonderful and thoughtful comment. You are right, many of us over-complicate life and “think too much” . I am deeply touched by your deep feelings that ring in unison with
      my own. Also feel happy that you enjoy the blooms from my quite new garden.
      May you also have a joyful weekend, dear friend. :))


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