There are feelings beyond expressions,
Emotions that can never in words be told
be it in poetry or prose;
Feelings above music and song.

All these mediums and more,
can light the flame;
Make your spirit soar beyond,

To where only rapture resides,
Thoughts suspended.

To where you can feel an ecstasy
Emotion beyond a name.
Where you want to stay and fly free;

Also cry the tears you hidden,
tears, also without name.
Cleansing in their own purity.

Moments of epiphany.

© miriam ivarson

44 thoughts on “SURPASSING

    • Thank you, Balroop, I will stay in these moments as long as they are.
      I know I have been a bit absent – on and off. Thanks for your welcome.
      Life never is a straight line but gratitude for any form lives within.
      A wonderful 2021 to you too.


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  1. Miriam, I love how you capture the moments of epiphany… with such beauty and purity! I remember discovering the word as young and it was an epiphany in itself … that there was a word for most absolute of emotions, of oneness! For those ‘feelings beyond expressions,’ Thank you so much for putting these gifts of life into words for us! Hugs xx ❤️

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    • Dear Annika, thank you for your deep and beautiful comment. I love how you say that you found discovering life itself was an epiphany. How true is that. It humbles me that you felt my words were a gift . 💕.


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    • I am glad you agree with me about the wonder of these moments.
      At times they just come to you – without warning. You are speechless
      and in re-telling there will be no words to describe this epiphany.

      Thank you for lovely comment.


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  2. You are hitting a chord in how I am feeling today, Miriam. And, like you say well, feelings and emotions “can never in words be told….”. You remind me how tears can flow, yet we do not have words to discuss or describe. And then I read how you share about tears. I usually type my comment as I am reading and I am surprised, yet not surprised how your poem includes tears. Beautiful, Miriam!

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    • Erica, I looked with surprise when I saw your answer to another poem. Two from you in one morning – and the sun showing its face. Many feelings can’t be explained fully and at times not at all. Sadness is one of them.

      Your in depth comment is beautiful and again I feel honoured by your true
      understanding. 💕


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      • I like to plan my reading when I can savour the posts and especially your poetry, Miriam. I have been increasing my evening walks…….dark, stars, peaceful……and at this time of day inexplicable emotions surface. Thank you for your beautiful words.❤️


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