Vote of non confidence in Heart
was called
by those who saw Brain as saviour.

My heart shivers with fright,
how can we live in a world so cold,
so mechanical, so pointless.

Would it heal the problems on Earth
would it stop power hunger and greed?
I think not.

Never having been part of campaigns,
I now feel I have to raise my voice for the heart,
For love and compassion
For imagination and creativity.

My proposal is that we teach them to live
really Live a life in harmony;
Using every gift we have been bestowed.

Don’t be a slave of either
Embrace them both, they are yours.

Enjoy the power of a smile
Of thoughts and emotions set free to roam,
To reach the sky and beyond
to give praise to a beautiful world.

My vote is for confidence in both.

© miriam ivarson



33 thoughts on “V O T E

  1. Beautiful and excellent words of truth so well penned, Miriam. All our Hearts have to be full of love and compassion to change our World that is full of selfish motives and going through tough times. All will soon pass and let us keep faith in God.

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  2. I love your poem and lessons Miriam. I agree that we need our head and heart working to unite, love, and uplift all. And I love your reminder that we lead by example, teaching by modeling, using our gifts to serve the whole. 🙏

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    • Thank you dear Louise, we are indeed a whole – one.
      Maybe mankind need to relearn what we once knew, the wholeness of our selves.
      I am so happy to hear your voice alongside mine. 💕.



    • Thanks for your beautiful comment, Jacqui.
      We all feel deeply about the trauma the world is going through and I am afraid lately my poems have reflected that.
      I read in a book that all beings are Unique. I loved that, just like I love your
      Words. 💕.


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      • Dear, Jacqui, it is such a hard situation for a mother or anyone with loved ones. You can give her courage and implore her to use distancing where possible, mask and the washing advice. Apart from that you can only send love and more love. 💕


  3. Miriam, I like the ability to vote for both heart and brain … why should one have to choose one over the other!? As you say, working in harmony is the ultimate aim and the biggest rewards for ourselves and the planet!

    Your words strike a wonderfully positive and exuberant chord in a world filled by negative and disheartening emotions!

    Just show me where to add my ticks on the paper!

    Have a wonderful Sunday, my friend … filled with tranquility and creativity! Xx ❤️😀🦋

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    • Thank you, Annika, for your happy and beautiful comment. I am glad you find
      positivity in my poem and smile at your siding with voting for both.

      As you know, voting is a secret process. 😊. No secrets here though.
      Tick the box that says ‘ Harmony’ . I believe that will be just right for you. 🤗.


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  4. I used to give too much from my heart without the wisdom of my brain. The resulting pain made my heart fearful, giving more control to the brain. Now, I know balance and harmony are the keys, seeking compassion for myself and others with wisdom. What a beautiful map!

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  5. The power of a smile, now that hugs are of the past, is infinite and universal. Wearing a mask: fear not. Your eyes carry the same message.

    So I smile at your my friend across the ocean. B

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